The Final Frontier

From the depths of Space to the many Planets in the Cosmos, these are the voyages of those Comic Books that awesomely leave Earth and its Atmosphere to explore the tales of Space and its Planets. This… This is the Final Frontier. And now that I’m done paraphrasing or what have you from a certain Star Trek intro, we can get it going like something that’s going as I thought it’d be fun to do something like this that high lights a few Comics that covers Outer Space fun to some degree or another. I also had originally thought of making this into a month long thing but figured just doing an article would be easier. Though I can always re-visit the idea of a month long theme of Outer Space Comics later on. If folks want it, anyways! On with the show!

TKO Studios’ Sentient By Jeff Lemire

Some of you may remember when I covered this GN back in January of 2020 (ick) and while this doesn’t really feature Aliens all that much from what I remember, it is set in the depths of Space and features a motherly AI of a Spaceship. One who is in a rather tight spot for one reason or another and trying her best to help out while her kids, the only survivors of said Ship, are also doing all they can to survive against some Piratey fellows. And wrong one move could easily spell doom for the kids as there’s no safety net in Space for them! This is definitely an edge of your seat read that features not only the talents of Jeff Lemire but Gabriel Walta, Steve Wands, Sebastian Girner, and Jared K. Fletcher as well and if you haven’t read this yet, why not!?

Source Point Press’ Salvagers By Bob Salley

Chances are you are familiar with Bob Salley and his works, works that include the likes of Ogre(s) and Broken Gargoyles because of this site or other means. You may also be familiar with his Salvagers work that features Space Ships, Aliens, broken stuff, and a bit of intrigue here and there. Oh, and we can’t forget his involvement with Starlight Tavern! Which is also currently on Kickstarter for its Happy Hour addition and is basically an Intergalactic Truck Stop that features a variety of Aliens and as well as cameos from well known characters in other properties. But enough on that for now and back to Salvagers! Captain Roenick (Human) and Captain of the Harrier Salvage Crew definitely leads an interesting life along side his mixed-Alien races crew as they salvage various broken down ships in the universe. Which can definitely lead to some problems for the crew they’d rather not have to deal with! Like unfriendly Robots for example!

Its been a bit since we saw an update for new Salvagers content but hopefully soon that’ll be changing. Especially as the third arc called Havoc of Blackbane was about to heat up thanks to Pirates, being stranded, and a couple of other things! And I have also long maintained that the Harrier Crew’s own Brigby is the Alien look-a-like of WWE’s own R-Truth, a Hill I will always stand on with this view! In addition to Bob, Salvagers features the talents of George Acevedo, DeSika, and HdE. Though it should be noted that since the first arc of the series, there has been a change in the creative line up from time to time.

The Truth!

Bad Halo Comix’s Fiendy: The Heavy Metal Collection By David Paul and Gary T. Becks

If you’re familiar with these two and their various works, especially in the Heavy Metal Mag, you guys may remember Fiendy from them. Along with the review I did of the HM Collection back in June 2018. Its wild and nutty and should be read at least once in your life if you like crazy ass reads involving really wild ass lead characters. The Universe in this world isn’t massively huge and that makes for problems for some but for Fiendy, its just another day for her Artistic self!

Image’s Copperhead By Jay Faerber

I have loved this Space Western styled title for a long time now so it should be no surprise that this is on here! Especially considering some of my coverage on Copperhead a time or two in the past for that matter. Clara Bronson’s a single mother with one heck of a tough job as the new Sheriff on another planet called Copperhead. Worse yet, there’s some opposed to the whole thing for one reason or another, including her partner, Deputy Boo! Featuring the creative talents of not only Jay Faerber but also Scott Godlewski, Ron Riley, Thomas Mauer, and later, Drew Moss being added to the mix. There’s currently only 4 volumes out in the world as of 2018 and that to me is a damn shame thanks to how good this book is. Especially with a certain cliffhanger in the mix after the ending of the 4th volume! It should also be noted that it was thanks to my writing this article that I finally got off my ass and did some reading on the 3rd and 4th volumes of this series and man, what a ride! Makes me wanna slap myself for taking so long to get caught up.

An almost common occurrence with me as readers probably know by now at this point! I have to also say that some of the things later learned where Sheriff Bronson’s concerned was shocking and I’m curious to see how that would play out later on in the future. If Jay chose to touch on that anyway.

Zyo Comics’ Ultimate 7 By Robert Wawrzniak

I’ve talked about and or reviewed Robert’s Ultimate 7 before in the past and as its full of Outer Space adventure and serious danger, its perfect for this list. In addition to Robert, Ultimate 7 features the talents of Shawn Surface and Scott Shoemaker and the last issue was put out in February 2019 according to ComiXology. Granted, I’m not sure if that’s the over all final issue or just the last issue in general that Robert and the team has put out. Though I’m certainly planning to take a look into that soon when I have a chance! Now, with that said, Ultimate 7 is about Colonel Jenny Rocket, who in the aftermath of losing all she knows thanks to a meddling evil Alien with a very long lifespan, she has to team up with several other Aliens in a quest to overthrow the Big Bad and his cohorts so that the universe can finally be saved. And naturally, anything worthwhile isn’t easy to do as Jenny learns as time goes on for one reason or another.

Unfortunately, other than the 12 digital issues on ComiXology, it doesn’t appear that there is any other means to grab physical copies of Ultimate 7 but hopefully that won’t prevent you fine folks from checking out this title!

Toben Racicot’s Pilgrim’s Dirge

Now I know Pilgrim’s Dirge from Toben Racicot, Matteo Leoni, and Martina Bonanni is only one issue in with a successful Kickstarter for said first issue, but I thought it would be a good idea to include on this list as well. Sure, ol’ Orin Daniels hasn’t left the screwed up Earth just yet but that’ll be changing soon once we see the second and so forth issues. And all the dangers that entails too with trying to right things, avoid detection, and make it home for the first time in years. Things I’m looking forward to seeing when the time comes!

In addition to these, there’s a few others I’d like to include in this list as the final finishing touches. Not from me, but from those I asked in relation to this article since I thought it’d be a great idea to ask folks about this kind of thing and see their thoughts! Anywho, let’s get it on!

TheUncannyBurt recommends: G. Willow Wilson/Christian Ward’s Invisible Kingdom from Dark Horse!

Inkorporate recommends: Francois Vigneault’s Titan!

Michael Norwitz recommends: Steve Gallacci’s Erma Felna EDF!

Scott Mack recommends: David C. Simon’s Crimson Dark!

Well folks, that’s it for now here in the Final Frontier. Until next time!

Written/Put Together by: Rob Wrecks