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The Final Frontier

From the depths of Space to the many Planets in the Cosmos, these are the voyages of those Comic Books that awesomely leave Earth and its Atmosphere to explore the tales of Space and its Planets. This… This is the Final Frontier. And now that I’m done paraphrasing or what have you from a certain […]

Agent 1.22 #1

Well are you ready for some science fiction, artificial intelligence, bounty hunting kind of fun? Because it’s here and I have to say the way that Stephan has the events play out for us in this issue is interesting. I like how we see Lindsey and Matt open the book with an engagement that turns […]

Peepland #1

[SPOILERS!!] Peepland is the kind of story you wanna experience while listening to Disco house music. I know because that’s what I was doing while reading it, though the era for this comic fits squarely in the age of Rock’n Roll the funk is still alive and well, plus it makes good running music during […]

Tuesday Double!

[[SPOILERS!!]] Review: Issue #2 continues the new Action Man’s quest for vengeance as he goes off protocol during an assignment to ambush a bunch of terrorists that are holding some bystanders hostage. What I enjoy about this new Action Man is that he is flawed in the sense that he just wants to get revenge […]


John Carpenter, William F. Nolan, Richard Christian Matheson, and John 5 are among the artists contributing to a graphic anthology in honor of Famous Monsters founder Forrest J Ackerman’s 100th birthday. June 13, 2016—Los Angeles, CA Famous Monsters of Filmland, the world’s longest running genre magazine, and its comic book imprint American Gothic Press are […]

Dreaming Eagles #2

There really is something extraordinary about this series. Just the fact that it centers around a black father and son coming to terms with each other and the world they live through and experience the father has as Tuskegee airman and the whole Martin Luther King Jr. events of the time really has an impact that […]

Hourly Roots

Let’s play catch up shower, Harold Wood, industrialist and beloved icon of Osprey City, Massachusetts is dead.The detective assigned to the case, Mark Robles, is a fresh transfer from Chicago. A journal and several clues have been found which lead Robles to believe that this is a vendetta against the family stemming back four hundred […]