Agent 1.22 #1

Well are you ready for some science fiction, artificial intelligence, bounty hunting kind of fun? Because it’s here and I have to say the way that Stephan has the events play out for us in this issue is interesting. I like how we see Lindsey and Matt open the book with an engagement that turns into something else entirely. With the reaction from the character and what we see it kind of sheds light on a few things but then at the same time makes you question what’s really happening all the more. It’s a smart well done opening to really make you wonder, think and get involved in what’s about to happen.

Stephan also doesn’t waste time in showing off the intrigue, double cross and sheer ambition and ruthlessness of a character either. While we see what’s going to happen so it’s really not a surprise when it does it’s still got that factor to it that leaves you wanting to know why Director Miller hates the project, wants to destroy Agent 1.22 and is so darn insecure in herself and her position.

So when we see Agent 1.22 preparing for her mission even though she doesn’t speak it’s surprising how much characterisation we get for her. While watching a transmission from Doctor Gabriel Perez her AI is telling us her reaction to what she’s viewing and it’s done in such a way that is entertaining, amusing and very telling so that she comes across as a pretty human reaction based being. I have to say that transmission and the narration provided by the AI, Mnemosyne, do wonders in not bringing the reader up to date on what needs to happen, the potential obstacles that may need to be overcome and get us excited for what’s next.

The interior artwork here is interesting. It’s a mixed bag for me because computer generated artwork allows for some astounding detail but can make the characters look stiff like mannequins at the same time, as we see here. The lack of movement at times is a little off-putting not enough to keep us from enjoying what’s happening, when we get the blurred effect to demonstrate that movement is something I wish was used more. On the whole though what Doug does here really fits well with the subject matter and I do like his eye for storytelling using page layouts, angles and perspective.

Yes Agent 1.22 kind of looks like this sex doll turned super secret agent but there’s more to it than that. This has elements that feel familiar in a futuristic setting while also having new and original elements that are wonderfully incorporated. It’s hard to create a brand new sci-fi franchise without have comparisons to what’s come before but this series is pretty badass stand alone type that has plenty of surprises in store.

This won’t be what you are expecting and instead it’ll end up being something much more and I hope that you’ll find this and give it a shot because there’s some mighty fine storytelling going on.​

Agent 1.22 #1
DPM Publishing 2017
Written by: Stephan Nilson
Illustrated by: Doug Shuler
Lettered by: Charles Pritchett

Reviewer: Steven Leitman

Summary: Agent 1.22 goes to Phobos to retrieve Project Vulcan from an outpost ravaged by the Tempest Virus. While there she must choose between the mission and a man.