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At IndieComix, ouAvatarr goal is to provide the fans with information regarding all the fresh and best new independent comics on the market today. Ranging from the big power house indie companies to the small lesser well knowns still trying to make their mark on the industry and possibly boasting tomorrow’s next break-out talent!

So don’t miss out on a single bit of news and reviews so you can know what to get as it gets here! As well as covering fundraiser projects! However, we do retain the right to say no to a review request due to time restraints or otherwise.

Curious about the bunch that brings you the awesome content that IndieComiX has? And have a specific reviewer or even interviewer in mind to reach out too? All that can be found just below!

Known4008232 as Rob Wrecks, and due to a love for Independent titles that was born from an earlier start of reviewing comics for InvestComics. IndieComiX came into life from that love in 2012 and has been a rockin’ ever since! Can reach him here.

He’s5204869 known as Derrick ‘Kazekun‘ Crow and has a passion for Anime and Manga. But has no love for walks on the beach. In addition to writing for IndieComiX, Derrick also provides his awesome view on comics, anime, and manga for Trash Mutant and as well as Bag and Bored. Can also find him here.

7668022The classy Brit. Doesn’t like to be touched, but does like to entertain people with what he calls “jokes“. Ross knows what he’s talking about when it comes to movies and video games. And he still knows more than you in every other category. And when not having anything for IndieComiX, you can also find him over at Trash Mutant doing all sorts of things! Also quite the master at being witty in his reviews.


Name: Neil Patel

Occupation: The day job is quite… let’s not go there but I work with interesting people from all walks all life.

I started reading comics thanks to Marvel UK reprints in the 1980s. Can I say Marvel here?? Since then I’ve branched out on other titles published by Image, Dynamite and various other companies. I’ve rubbed shoulders with countless creators I’ve met ranging from Alan Moore to Chris Sprouse.  I love going to comic conventions and possibly one day I’ll go to San Diego Comic Con. And I also run Danger Writes. Primarily handles interviews only.


When not surfing the Cosmos or in Ohio with his Flight Ring, Steven Leitman can also be seen hanging around the IndieComiX halls with his own unique view on things. The fella can be found right here!


6332518Name: Scott Mack
Age: Refusing to accept anything over the age of 30 gracefully
Occupation: Writer, Illustrator and Management Consultant to the Stars
Likes: Comics, Film, Music, Gaming, Cooking, 1980’s “preparation” montages
Dislikes: Writing biographies for himself, bigotry and that piece of food that jams in your gum between your teeth that you need a Bomb Disposal Team to remove.

Founder of ASHCAN, The Alternative Showcase for Comics and Animation (with Dan Barnes of Dead Bride Comics), Hot Rocket Comics and Collectibles and Americana Comics, Scott Mack has worked as a Facilitator in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He is happy to say that after 17 years he finally ‘got the joke‘.

The thing I would like the world to know about me: I don’t care what the world knows about me, but I hope my Mother never finds out. Can be reached here.

Honorable Mentions:

Warren Wesson, Jesse Johanson, David Paul, Gary T. Becks, Joe Walters, Tim Barklay, Michael Pruitt, Heather Antos, Dan Nokes, Steven Hudkins and Mark Lester!

Looking to get in touch? Leave a comment here! Whether its a comment, a title you’d like for us to review, a Kickstarter project you want to have shared, have some news you want shared, or if you’d like to join the team! But please keep in mind that IndieComiX is not a Publisher and that writing for the site is a volunteer position that does not offer pay at this time.

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