About Us

At IndieComix, ouAvatarr goal is to provide the fans with information regarding all the fresh and best new independent comics on the market today. Ranging from the big power house indie companies to the small lesser well knowns still trying to make their mark on the industry and possibly boasting tomorrow’s next break-out talent!

So don’t miss out on a single bit of news and reviews so you can know what to get as it gets here! As well as covering fundraiser projects! However, we do retain the right to say no to a review request due to time restraints or otherwise.

Honorable Mentions/Past Staff Members:

Warren Wesson, Jesse Johanson, David Paul, Derrick Crow, Ross Rivers, Neil Patel, Steven Leitman, Scott Mack, Gary T. Becks, Joe Walters, Tim Barklay, Michael Pruitt, Heather Antos, Dan Nokes, Steven Hudkins and Mark Lester!