My Top 10 Favorite Reads Of The Past 7 Years

My Top 10
Favorite Reads
Of The Past
7 Years

Now normally, you don’t see us doing a top whatever number list here at IndieComiX since we’re usually so focused on reviews and what not. But I thought that now was the perfect time to do something like a top ten involving several different titles that I’ve read the past seven years. Mostly as a way to celebrate how long IndieComiX has been around and because of how long several of these titles have fondly (and awesomely) stuck with me in the ol’ noggin. So let’s get to it!


Naturally, I have to start this list off with a huge long time favorite of mine in the form of ‘Jeff‘ from Creator’s Edge Press! Created and written by Travis Bundy and its first issue published way back in 2011! Which was around the time I was still doing my thing with InvestComics before eventually starting up IndieComiX in June 2012. One of (well, a couple of things actually) the things that has long stood out for me where ‘Jeff‘ is concerned is the fact that Jeff wasn’t your typical adventuring type. As really, he found it to be rather a huge inconvenience since it was practically forced on him a lot and made his life in the regular world a little on the crappy side! Another thing that has long stood out to me aside from the great writing, art, and colors, was the fact that Jeff doesn’t actually get the girl! Which is a rarity considering how obsessed Americans are where Romance is concerned. Sadly, there has been no continuation beyond the first graphic novel but if there ever is, you can believe I’ll be on it faster then a Pepperoni Hot Pocket!

But perhaps its for the best its just a one and done for now as some things just work way better that way. Travis definitely used more than a stick to poke with when it came to the Adventure and Fantasy genres with ‘Jeff’ and you can tell he had a lot of fun while doing it. How that would translate to the screen is something I would love to see to be honest.

Ultimate 7

Created and written by Robert Wawrzyniak of Zyo Comics in 2012 (may possibly even be 2011), ‘Ultimate 7‘ is the story of Colonel Jenny Rocket. Who finds herself essentially cut off from the rest of Humanity thanks to the Evil Overlord, a being who’s basically been playing God for millenia with various races across the universe with no one being able to stop him until Colonel Rocket and friends began to come along! One could probably apply the idea of ‘The Magnificent 7’ with this but just in space instead with one woman and several aliens of different races. All of whom Jenny has to bring together thanks to the Homoagint for putting her on the path after the loss of her people aboard the Omega 3 space station. A loss that caused a John Crichton to happen to her and throw her into the other side of the universe! ‘Ultimate 7’ has long stood out to me for not only the great writing, art, and colors, but because the leading character is a woman. And one who thankfully isn’t overly sexualized as the case tends to be with most female characters.

That she has to unite several different individual aliens of several races is a daunting task. One filled with all manner of dangers, whether its from the planet itself or because of the Overlord himself. All in order to combat the Overlord and his forces to determine the fate of the universe itself. Plus, not only is there the dangers and all that, but the fact these aliens she has to specifically recruit all have different backgrounds and you know that’s bound to cause a clash or two! Whether or not that was a thing is something I’m unsure of as I don’t recall reading past the second volume. Granted, I probably did but its just been awhile so I could be remembering wrong. To me, this is Sci-Fi at its best and if it ever got a screen adaptation, I’d definitely be watching it for sure and I’m gonna make it a point real soon to get some more reading of this title in so I can find out what’s happened since I last read the series!


From Image Comics and the mind of Mark Millar came the series known as ‘Huck‘ in November 2015 and sadly, I wasn’t even aware of this awesome title until around 2017. And once I finally read the one and only (unfortunately) trade of the title, it felt like a life changing experience that I could happily go for more of. ‘Huck‘ is another example of probably being for the best that its a one and done while at the same time, strongly wishing for more. As you wonder what else might be out there that could mean trouble for Huck that would want to take advantage of the fact he can literally find anyone or anything no matter what. A darned handy power to have for sure and even with the later fame that Huck finds himself having over it, he’s just damned humble about it all and that’s great. Huck’s the kind of guy you’d want to have as a friend in your life and its not because of his handy talent.

But because of that humbleness of his, along with his friendly attitude and willingness to help even when he doesn’t have too. ‘Huck‘ is another title I would love to see get a screen adaptation of some kind and if it happens, hopefully they’ll manage to capture the spirit of the character really well.

Space Warped

Chances are, long time BOOM! Studios readers (and readers of IndieComiX) may recall this lovely little gem from way back in 2011. Written by Herve Bourhis, ‘Space Warped‘ is a fantastically done parody of ‘Star Wars‘ that’s guaranteed to make you crack up laughing a time or two. Rudy Spiessert on the art also helps with the laugh factor thanks to how well he brings Herve’s take on the characters to life in the pages of ‘Space Warped‘! The trade itself was brought out in 2012 and sadly, it wasn’t until 2018 and the year of my 31st birthday that I was finally able to even get lucky enough to get my hands on the trade. But it was damned worth it in my view as the title is a definite must have in anyone’s collection. Especially if you love comedy or well done parodies of certain things.

Fiction Squad

Fiction Squad‘ is another BOOM! Studios title that first came out in October 2014 and was a laugh riot from start to finish. Even with certain moments being rather serious! The trade later came out in December 2015 and if you never read this or ‘Fairy Quest‘, which ‘Fiction Squad‘ is connected too, you have been seriously missing out! Especially if you’re a Paul Jenkins fan since he’s the writer of FQ and FS! And if you’re the type who still enjoys all the various fairy tales out there in the world and when someone makes their own spin on them as Paul did, this is a must read. The humor and the writing in general have long been reasons for why I’ve had this title stick in my head for so long. Little Simon especially being a big cause due to several situations that he gets into over the course of the book’s story! I loved that Paul was able to connect every Jack spoken of in fairy tales in ‘Fiction Squad‘.

Its something I hadn’t ever seen done before until FS came along Detective Frankie and Little Simon are easily among the best police partner duos in history and I for one would love to see it in a screen adaptation. So far, it seems Paul hasn’t done much more with the world of ‘Fablewood‘┬ábut I would definitely be down for more. Especially if it shows how Little Simon’s doing in his new role courtesy of Frankie!

Ghost Wolf

From Amigo Comics and the mind of El Torres, came the first issue of ‘Ghost Wolf‘ in April 2014 and has practically stuck with me ever since then thanks to its wonderful story telling, art, and colors. The fact that El handles the passing of a mantle so well in this title of his without back tracking puts a certain bunch to shame. Showing that its okay to have some progress/change where a mantle is concerned and who takes it up. And of course, whomever takes up the mantle of the ‘Ghost Wolf‘ often does it whenever a great threat is around and basically becomes a Demi-God in the process. The first trade for ‘Ghost Wolf‘ would hit in March 2016 and even feature a foreword from yours truly! Thankfully however, El wasn’t done with the series and would give us more. Which meant more of Mara kicking ass as the ‘Ghost Wolf‘!

Even if that did mean possibly being on her own thanks to the new threat having a ‘Ghost Wolf‘ of their own! Sadly, I haven’t read the second story arc but its definitely on my to do list and I have no doubt its just as fantastic in its sword and sorcery goodness as the first storyline was.

Mad Cave Studios

With Mad Cave, I couldn’t possibly choose just one title that has stuck with me since reading it as everything Mark London has done from ‘Battlecats‘ to ‘Midnight Task Force‘ to ‘Knights Of The Golden Sun‘ have all been fantastically done in the past 2 or 3 (maybe a little more than that) years. Each offering a great story in their respective genres and if you happen to love different takes on Bible related lore, ‘Knights‘ is definitely the title for you to check out. Mad Cave/Mark London is definitely one(s) to keep your eye (continually) on as its clear Mark’s passion for writing is strong as can be. And I, along with others, look forward to seeing how far that takes him!

E.X.O. – The Legend of Wale Williams

Published in 2015, ‘E.X.O. – The Legend of Wale Williams‘ is the heavily African cultured influenced tale from YouNeek Studios’ very own Roye Okupe. Whom you can tell put a lot of time and effort into making this universe of his. Now some might think Wale’s E.X.O. suit is an Iron Man knock off but its definitely its own thing. And kinda like Jeff, Wale isn’t exactly all that willing to get into the adventuring super heroics lifestyle until he’s got no choice when his stubbornness and dislike of his father’s past work begin to collide. Past work that other, less kind individuals, take advantage of for one reason or another such as taking control of the African city known as ‘Lagoon City’ this story is mainly set in. With the first GN, its darn clear that the road for Wale isn’t going to be an easy one. Especially where past events and Wale’s issues with those events are concerned!

And I love that Roye isn’t just limiting his universe to just one particular thing like Wale and his suit, but is adding ideas like ‘Malika‘ and the ‘Windmaker‘ to give the Youneekverse a great history. Again, this shows how much effort and time Roye is putting into this idea of his in order to provide readers and those looking for some awesome diversity something great to read and that they can possibly connect with. Sadly, I haven’t had the chance yet to read ‘Malika‘, the ‘Windmaker‘, or the second volume of ‘E.X.O.‘ but hopefully I will be doing so soon. As I’m looking forward to seeing how Wale matures and if whether or not events of the first book will make him even more reluctant to suit up and the like.

Username: Evie

Joe Sugg’s ‘Username: Evie‘, created by Joe himself with Matt Rhyman as the co-writer and published in 2015. This GN sticks out to me because its a tale told by Joe that practically anyone can relate to. Regardless if you’re a boy or a girl like main character Evie is or a teenager or an adult. That feeling of loneliness and feeling like you don’t fit either is never a fun thing, coupled with unexpectedly losing the only parent in your life who loved the Hell out of you just makes those two feelings even worse. Now not many teenagers have that parent who’ll go an extra, extra mile to create something wonderful for their kid to escape too whenever reality is too much for them. But Evie’s dad certainly did it and that gave him the dad of the year award in my view.

How she learns of it later on in the story is a little saddening considering certain events but it does at least help Evie out. At least until cousin Mallory screws with the final gift from Evie’s dad and that leads to a problem or two. I always did feel that while this story helped Evie to grow, it didn’t do nearly as much as it did for Mallory. But of course, only Joe Sugg and Matt Whyman know the answer to that part. Adventure, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy all combine in this relateable tale that’ll leave you feeling many things and that my friends, is why this is amongst the comics that have managed to stay with me for as long as they have.


Even though I haven’t always managed to keep up with this particular Image series as much as I would have liked, ‘Copperhead‘ has stuck with me ever since its first issue was released in September 2014. A single Redheaded mom who’s also a Sheriff, aliens, the setting being on another planet where said single mom and Sheriff ends up on, and a mystery or two? Oh shell yeah! I don’t know if this has been optioned for a movie or TV series yet but if not, it really should happen as I for one would love to see ‘Copperhead’s‘ characters and events adapted for the screen. ‘Copperhead‘ was essentially my first exposure to Jay Faerber and the man has not disappointed at all where ‘Copperhead‘ is concerned. Clara Bronson, aka our leading gal Sheriff, doesn’t exactly have it easy but she doesn’t let that stop her from doing what she has to do in order to get the job done and then go home to tuck her son in for bed.

Not only does ‘Copperhead‘ have all the current events happening, but we also get tidbits here and there of a war that had happened prior to the events of the comic. And that is something I would love to see be explored in its own comic. Especially where Deputy Boo and Clara’s past is concerned. Even though if I recall right, her past is explored some and even comes back to haunt her in later issues. Now, here’s to hoping that Jay and the crew have several more years worth of story telling and the like in them where ‘Copperhead‘ is concerned!

Well folks, that’s it from me! Hope you guys liked and that I did a fairly decent job in my first ever top such and such list. Here’s to another seven years of comics leaving a long lasting impact on not just me but all of you as well!

Special Mentions: New Crusaders, Harland Buck: FreeSword, Death-Rattler, Songr, Canada Bear, Wrestletopia, Southern Hospitality, Salvagers, Sink, Porcelain: A Gothic Fairytale, Twiztid: Haunted High Ons, Ruined My Rhythm, Modern Testament: Anthology Of The Ethereal, Afterlife Inc., Loch/Hidden Loch, Escape From Jesus Island, Satanic Hell, and Mech Cadet Yu!

Written by: Rob Wrecks