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Mech Cadet Yu #7

Holy Hell was I not expecting for things to go down the way they did in this issue! Leaving me with a kind of tension in my stomach from the shocking craziness! Readers already have a sense of something not being right due to previous issues but that feeling just grows in the first few […]

Mech Cadet Yu #6

Well holy Hellballs, Batman, the s**t has hit the fan in this issue! After that little cliffhanger Greg Pak cruelly left us with at the end of issue 5, I couldn’t wait to get my eyeballs on the events to come after that. And folks? The wait to see what all happens with the latest […]

Mech Cadet Yu #5

I am so, so, so, SO happy this title got a continuation! Cause issue 4 left off with such a cliffhanger that it would have been an absolute crime to leave things like that! And the beauty that is issue 5 wonderfully continues this great story. The wait for this issue was well worth the […]

Mech Cadet Yu #’s 1 – 3

When BOOM! Studios recently ran some news about their upcoming Volume 1 for Mech¬†Cadet Yu in January, something clicked in me that it was¬†finally time to check out this project from BOOM!, Grek Pak, and Takeshi Miyazawa. And I am so glad I finally did so as anything positive I’ve heard about this title has […]