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High & Low: The Review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead So sometime ago while checking out the offerings on Netflix, I came across High & Low: The Worst and placed it on my to watch list after viewing the trailer in the International section. The trailer had me thinking it was going to be a fun movie but a bit goofy and […]

Arcane #1

For a number of folks, they’re looking for something that’s not so ordinary for whatever reason. And for some, they find it and tend to like it. At least, after a bit of drama and what not. Now for Hogan, he’s a bit on the opposite side of that as he’s just wanting normal for […]

Mara #1

There is a lot to like in Mara, the setting of what seems like a Native American fishing tribe, some cool wolf spirits and an interesting protagonist who we will follow through this story. The story itself is very much a quick origin story but it works well enough. The art by Rosi Woo, is […]