Don’t Spit In The Wind #1 – (Advanced Review)

Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead!

I’ve been familiar with Stefano Cardoselli’s work for about as long as I’ve been reviewing comics and even did an interview with him back in 2013 during the Weebly era of IndieComiX. His art, for the most part that I’ve seen here and there over the years, has a kind of quality to it that’s ugly in a way and I don’t mean that as a bad thing at all. Far from it in fact as its perfect in showing that dirtier/uglier side of Humanity and their less than pleasant actions/consequences of those actions and typically anyone who adds in their colors to his work, makes it look even better in that quality I just mentioned. So when I learned a ways back he’d been tapped by the Mad Cave crew I had the feeling this was gonna be another quality experience from Stefano. Course, it took me a bit of time to get around to checking out the book due to health and recovery reasons I won’t get into but never the less, here we are finally. Granted, folks familiar with me by now know I tend to take my time as it is so in one sense, its no surprise really at the end of the day.

I also want to point out that Dan Lee’s colors with Stefano’s artwork goes really well with that quality with Stefano’s work. And given the Earth in this universe has become a toxic waste dump fit for only Cockroaches and perhaps reminding one of an old Godzilla movie somewhat while Humanity lives out in Space, this duo’s combined powers is only perfectly fitting to showcase the ugliness in leaving trash everywhere. But fear not worried citizens! For a special group known as the Atomic Bros INC. are on the job to help clean up the Earth so that one day we can inhabit it again and potentially screw it all up all over again! Though then again, perhaps Humanity in this universe has learned their lesson this time around, one can hope, right? Then again, Travis, our lead clean up guy, seems to be under the impression the Earth itself just doesn’t want Humans around and I’m very curious if his thinking has any merit to it. As it would be interesting to see if it was truly the case and how Humanity would react to that.

But as we all soon see, Travis and his bunch end up with a mystery problem on their hands. However, Stefano and Dan have teasingly left us without a clue as to what the problem causer looks like and that’s a nice touch. Its the hook that ultimately draws you back into being willing enough to agonizingly wait for the next issue to see what’s causing trouble. And how nasty it looks. There’s also a lesson to be learned by the end of this issue, folks… Which is to NOT sleep on the job for cryin’ out loud! DSITW will be out next week on March 29th so be sure not to miss out if you haven’t already gotten your pre-order on!

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Don’t Spit In The Wind #1
Mad Cave Studios
Writer and Artist: Stefano Cardoselli
Colorist and Letterer: Dan Lee
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Since Earth became inhospitable, humanity escaped ages ago to live in a space station floating above the atmosphere. Now Travis and his crew of garbage men are tasked with cleaning up mountains of toxic waste, working for a company called Atomic Bros INC., to create a ‘Clear World’. But when one of Travis’ crew members goes missing near an old nuclear facility Travis’ job becomes a bit more complicated.