RDW: A Tale Of Lost Fantasy Volume 1

Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead

So recently, I remembered I had this book in my Review Folder and after remembering how it got there, I got to reading this offering from Marco Rudy. RDW came out last year and even had a successful Kickstarter run as well for that matter. And I have to say, the opening pages of RDW had me going wow because RDW has got some of the most beautifully done art in a comic book that I’ve seen in a good long while. I can only imagine that doing the art through the style of Acrylics took its time in getting done but certainly worth it. Especially when its primarily just Marco handling a majority of the creative duties for the book outside of the lettering that was handled by Taylor Esposito. And while RDW is a tale set in a fantasy world complete with Elves and everything else typically associated with a Fantasy setting, Marco goes in a route that’s probably not seen that often in a Fantasy setting. Namely… Dealing with PTSD and all it entails after going through a traumatic experience when it comes to dealing with certain situations like an attack or all out war.

And Astrid (our lead gal) is at the center of all this as she struggles to deal with everything she’s been put through. Of which we don’t really see and just get something of a glimpse of at times thanks to things she says as this is more of an aftermath of the whole thing. Whether to herself or to a group she unintentionally crosses paths with thanks to her situation and a threat they themselves find themselves facing. Perhaps in the future, Marco will go back and fully explore the horrors Astrid went through and all that she lost. Something that not only is taking its toll on her mentally and emotionally, but physically as well given how we see her handling it early on. I imagine a Veteran would be able to relate to this book’s central character and would probably hit home for them pretty hard.

Astrid’s on a quest to find her friend, Menhir, and whether he’s alive or dearly departed is a big mystery and has two paths for her to go down depending on what his status is once she finally finds out. Now if the 4some she meets helps her with that quest and her issues remains to be seen.

Especially given the fact they’d rather not be around anything or anyone that could connect them to their previous lot in life that Astrid herself is connected with. It’ll be interesting if Marco goes the tried and true route of group bonding with the mysterious stranger or decides to not do that at all and I hope its something us readers get to see if and when the time comes. PTSD and Addiction are certainly issues that aren’t easy to deal with, especially if you’re alone and I can only imagine how its handled in a Fantasy setting like we have here in RDW. So if you’re a fan of Fantasy and don’t mind seeing some real world elements added to it like PTSD, give RDW a try!

And did I mention how beautiful the art is? Because it really is!

RDW: A Tale Of Lost Fantasy Volume 1
Les Editions Xicandarinha
Created, Written, Pencilled, and Painted by: Marco Rudy
Edited by: Kirsten Ann Thompson
Lettered by: Taylor Esposito
Reviewed: Rob Wrecks

Summary: “RDW” is a tale about coping with the burden of command, the camaraderie and friendship found in times of war, and the consequences of failure. Astrid’s first steps into loss, addiction, withdrawal, and PTSD are just the beginning of this visually striking voyage.

All of that, in stunning traditional acrylics, in a setting filled with magic and folklore, featuring an involving almost interactive type of storytelling.