Due to Overwhelming Demand, Series Premier Gets Second Printing Days After Release

HOOD RIVER, OR, September 1, 2023– Due to the overwhelming response to the release of its debut original series, Sean Gordon Murphy’s The Plot Holes, Massive Publishing has announced it will take the book to a limited second printing. The decision comes as reorder and sales reports for the first printing, which featured cover art from an all-star list of creators (including Walt Simonson, Dan Panosian, Jon Sommariva, and Matteo Scalera), indicate Diamond Comic Distributors’ stock will be fully sold out over the weekend. Plot Holes #1 is the first creator-owned book from writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy (creator of Batman: White Knight) since his Image Comics series Tokyo Ghost with Rick Remender. With reorder demand for the book still high, the Massive Publishing team is sending the book immediately to a second printing.

The second print features brand new cover artwork by Kim Jacinto, a star on the rise at Marvel and DC, as well as a regular contributor to Massive Publishing. Kim brings his signature style to the Plot Holes characters with this Limited to 5000 copy release and 1:10 incentive ratio “Black & White” variant. The preorder on Previewsworld (JUL238654) is open now with a final order cutoff date of Monday, September 4th, giving retailers the chance to pair their orders with the Plot Holes #2 FOC closing the same day. Both the second print of Issue one and the anticipated second issue will release in stores on September 27th.

‘’With the high quantity of reorders on the #1 and the limited stock available, It was important for us to offer shops and readers a second chance to grab the book at their LCS along with the release of the second issue, giving everyone a chance to enjoy this exciting new series. Nothing is more important for us than getting books into the hands of readers and to support the demand that LCS are getting from fans.’’ – Kevin Roditeli, Massive Publishing President.

Massive and Sean Murphy recently revealed a long term, multi-book deal which started with The Plot Holes and continues this fall with the highly anticipated Zorro: Man of the Dead.  A surprise first-look for the project was included in the debut of The Plot Holes and features an updated take on the classic pulp hero. Not much has been revealed about the project but it has been previously reported that the four-part miniseries will be available through the direct market as well as a premium collected edition that will be available only on Kickstarter (Which has already gathered over 1500  followers). Both the retail pre-order and the Kickstarter pre-order will be open to the public this October/November.

‘’As a Hispanic fan of pop-culture it is hard to describe the excitement of getting to see Sean’s take on Zorro and enjoy the level of quality he puts into this character that means so much to people like myself. As a life-long fan of comics it is the dream to work with one of the top talents in our industry and help bring projects like Plot Holes to readers.’’ – Michael Calero, Massive Publishing CEO

Massive Publishing’s next wave of announcements and more details about Zorro: Man Of The Dead are planned to be revealed at this year’s New York Comic Con.

About Massive Publishing

Massive Publishing was founded by Michael Calero, Trevor Richardson, and Kevin Roditeli, which launched with its first imprint Whatnot Publishing in 2022, a licensed collaboration with the social commerce platform, Whatnot. After distributing over 800,000 units to retailers in their first six months, Massive was added to the Deluxe Publisher Tier of Diamond Comic Distributors, the world’s largest distributor of comics, graphic novels, and pop culture merchandise. Massive recently announced the launch of its flagship line with its first title being superstar writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy’s five-issue limited series, The Plot Holes (August, 2023). Also announced were two new imprints, ‘Overlook’, a horror imprint helmed by writers Cullen Bunn, and Heath Amodio; and ‘Kingwood Comics’, writer David Crownson’s imprint focused on Black creators and characters. Massive is also the exclusive Direct-Market distributor of Sumerian Comics, which is set to release its American Psycho comic series October 11th.