Tuned – (Graphic Novel, Advanced Review!)

Super Soldiers, Soldiers granted power(s) through Scientific Experiments, something that’s been done a lot over the years since Captain America himself way back in the day. Sometimes it goes right and sometimes it goes bad in various takes on the idea and TPub’s latest upcoming Psychological Horror project known as Tuned falls somewhere in the middle of those two categories. And warning… You are gonna need something of a strong stomach to read this as it can get a little disturbing at times with the gore. Major kudos to Aymen Swisy (Artist) and Cris Peter (Colorist) for doing that! This is also NOT a Super Hero book, even if there are super abilities in several of the characters that we see them use. Of course, in Frank The Noseless’ case, that guy probably got the worst power one can get and when folks get to reading this, you’ll see what I mean! Its no wonder he ends up going off the rails, though its certainly possible what he does to himself in order to be free of his particular power set has a huge hand in it.

In addition to ol’ Frank, we have Michael Chen (Our speeding co-lead family man with a tough mom!), John Valentine (Super Smart!), Edina ‘Eddie’ Clay (Former love interest and a very Strong Gal!), Frank ‘Noseless’ Scalera, Brett Griffin (And quite the aggressive fella!), and Devin Skylar (Has an impressive amount of Stamina!), together… They are the Six lucky contestants to get Powers so that good ol’ ‘Merica has a fightin’ edge against other Countries! WHOO! Ahem Anyways… I won’t say too much on this part of the story to avoid spoiling things but you folks can probably guess how things end up going. I’m also not entirely certain about Dr. Ayla either but her motivations can be open to interpretation by us readers so that’s always fun! But I am curious if these six have these abilities, could they be passed on to children? And is that something Neil Gibson (Writer of this fine GN) might explore in the future in a follow up? I’d definitely be down for that if it was to happen given the potential that has, especially for Michael and his family.

I’m also curious if Saida Temofonte’s use of black and white speech bubbles for Frank was done to reflect his lack of a nose or if done that way to make him appear a bit more menacing. Or perhaps both? Either way, it works for me. So for all you Psychological Horror/Super Soldier fans out there, if this sounds like something for you, I definitely recommend getting in on the action when the Kickstarter for Tuned hits at the end of the month! Its gonna be very… Tuneful, as Speed versus Noseless!

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Tuned – (Graphic Novel)
TPub Comics
Writer & Creator: Neil Gibson
Illustrator: Aymen Swisy
Colorist: Cris Peter
Letterer & Designer: Saida Temofonte
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: People change, its natural. But some change is decidedly unnatural…

Project Coventry was meant to change people for the better, but it ended in tragedy. The project was shut down and everyone moved on, Or so everyone thought.

Frank Scalera alone started to suffer unimaginable hardship because of the project and wanted justice for the changes in his life. But the tuning process of Coventry changed Scalera’s mind beyond Recognition, and his desire for justice has morphed into a desire for revenge. And with his new powers, he’s starting to get a taste for inflicting pain…