Agents Of SLAM – OGN

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the less serious and the more comedic side of Wrestling, you’ve probably heard of this 2022 Oni Press title by now. And if you haven’t for whatever reason, well… Now you have after this. I’ve had this book in my Read and Review pile for some time now and it wasn’t until very recently that I sat down and finally read it and honestly? I didn’t want to stop once I got started. Making this another of those occasions where I should’ve done so much sooner and therefore, deserve to be Chokeslammed from atop a Hell In A Cell. Bruno Bravado is the Man, the Wrestler everyone loves and maybe a few hate for whatever reason. He’s essentially 80s Hulk Hogan here before he went ‘Hollywood’/NWO 4 Life and long time fan and vlogger Katie Jones is perhaps one of his biggest fans. Which ultimately comes in handy down the line when she finds herself recruited for a top mission the Agents of SLAM undertake when the WDS – World Domination Society decide to stir up trouble.

Trouble that’s certainly to be chaotic by acquiring the mythical Golden Eagle Belt that’ll give the one who wins it all the power they could possibly want. And to think, she had only been at the White House to do an interview with ol’ Hog-I mean… Bruno and his pals! And with the head of SLAM being the President of the United States, its kind of a scary scenario to imagine Vince McMahon as the US President! But at least with President Johnson, its not quite as scary! Even if Bruno probably does have an issue with the man interrupting him a lot and I mean… Who wouldn’t have that kind of issue after awhile!? In some ways, I felt reminded of Ed Kuehnel/Matt Entin’s ‘Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia’ as I read through this book and I have to wonder if Dave Scheidt, Scoot McMahon, and Heidi Black took inspiration from that story or if they simply just got their inspiration from their love for Wrestling and Storytelling.

Either way, it works for me as I really enjoyed this. Even as I wondered if whether or not young Katie was dreaming up the whole thing given how out there things got! I love that this book doesn’t take itself too seriously and given Cameron Grimes’ ‘To The Moon!’ catchphrase, I’m wondering if a certain match up this book has was inspired by that? Or if its just the creative team having fun? Either way, this is a book for young and old to enjoy together as long as they know to not take it all too seriously. I’m also curious if there’s a sequel or one in the works given how things left off and what Dave and the team have in store for us to enjoy when that time comes.

Agents Of SLAM – OGN
Oni Press
Written by: Dave Scheidt
Artist: Scoot McMahon
Colorist: Heidi Black
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: DING DING DING! Enter the wrestling ring in this all-new graphic novel from Wrapped Up creators Dave Scheidt and Scoot McMahon!

The Agents of S.L.A.M. aren’t your average professional wrestlers. They’re led by the fearless and famous Bruno Bravado and work for the president of the United States to protect people from all kinds of threats—both on Earth and in space! And they’ve just been joined by their newest recruit, Katie Jones, a twelve-year-old wrestling vlogger who just might know more about wrestling than the wrestlers themselves. S.L.A.M. will need Katie’s knowledge and skills if they’re going to keep protecting Earth, especially when their toughest rival challenges them!