BiGS – Volume 1

Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead!

Through out history, whether real or fictional, a majority of Mankind has always feared what they don’t understand and that tends to cause problems. One big example of that is the merry race of Mutants in Marvel Comics and now we have the BiGS from Bronte Erwin and UpChuck Comics. A race of 10 foot tall Humans who are sadly mistreated worse than a Redheaded stepchild and profited off of while also dealing with bad health problems. Chief among the profiters is Vicero, who quickly took advantage of the situation when BGS first started appearing a number of years before the events of this story take place. Not only do they make their bank off BGS, but you also have Falcon doing so by getting that lovely oil in the Earth and they don’t give a damn about the problems the drilling causes. Which is where our man Nate comes in to play and Nate himself is a BiG who gets notice for saving some lives and generally doing what other BiGS’ can’t really do.

Now its not because he’s somehow more super special than the rest of his people, but rather… Because he’s doing something his people aren’t doing. And that’s staying off the stuff his people and the rest of normal society believe the BiGS are supposed to be on. All part of the plan to make that bank, ya dig? Further proof that drugs, greedy corporations, and not giving something new a chance are bad things. Its quite possible BiGS are supposed to be the next stage of evolution but because of how they are treated and the low life expectancies, there’s no real way to say for certain. But I imagine if that was the case, things would likely get worse than what they already are for our BGS peeps. Nate and a few friends though… Are out to try and change things for the better for the BGS, even if they are having to duck and dodge manhunts, mercenaries, and an invasive global feed called Link that’s practically replaced Journalism.

Khalid Robertson, Samax Amen, Fabio Da Silva Bandres, Tyler Bass, and Frank Cvetkovic all do fantastic jobs in helping Bronte bring this 4 issue volume to life and I hope they are all along for the ride in future issues.

Though I will say I noticed some spelling errors through out the issues but they don’t detract from the enjoyment of the story. At least… Not for me at any rate so your mileage may vary. Bronte lovingly leaves us with a cliffhanger as Nate and friends find a new ally while an old one… Looks to be in some dire straits. So if you have yet to read this story, now’s a good as time as any!

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BiGS – Volume 1
UpChuck Comics
Creator and Writer: Bronte Erwin
Illustrators: Khalid Robertson and Samax Amen
Colorists: Tyler Bass and Fabio Da Silva Bandres
Letterers: Frank Cvetkovic and Tyler Bass
Editor: Brian Chuck
Copy Editor: Orion Stahlbaum
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: BiGS is the story of a new race of 10 ft tall humans who are quickly marginalized and exploited. Plagued by poor health and systematic poverty, BiGS live without hope until a viral video of an offshore oil worker threatens society’s class structure.