Tag: Indie Comics

The Doorman #1

This is a pretty interesting concept and a wonderfully executed first issue. I found this incredibly engaging, interesting and rather fun to read it’s as if Eliot and Daniel took their cue from some high octane movies where the main character is thrust into a situation beyond their ken and have to make it work. […]

A Tuesday Of Indies!

Alright, I am absolutely thrilled by this series so far. For new readers this is an excellent example of character building, development, and characterization for long time fans it’s like a refresher course setting up the character for a modern setting. With our world full of instant gratification this series doesn’t give that instead it’s […]

Battlecats #2

Okay, I’m not gonna lie here to you guys about this comic book. I freaking love it alright? I seriously, honestly love it. I wish I had read it a whole lot sooner then what I did as this is pretty freaking amazing and I’ve only read the first two issues! Hell, I should have […]

A Monday Triple!

This issue was even better than the first, which of course is the way a series should be but we all know that sometimes that doesn’t necessarily happen. Still forget the Creature Commandos or the Howling Commandos because this is where it’s at folks. This is hands down better than either version you’ve thought of […]

Saturday Night Double!

[SPOILERS!!] 2 issues in and I’m actually really enjoying this series. The focus is still pretty tight and it can feel like not a lot happened this issue but that’s because it was mostly set up while introducing us to our first real supporting characters: Vampy’s family. Her mom and brother specifically. This issue does […]

Deluge #1

I love getting requests from people to review their books more so when it’s from a little-known self-published company or just you know through sites like, ComiXology. One of the first things I noticed when looking at a new series from creators I’ve never heard of is the interior artwork. That usually sets the tone […]