Mind Meld With Jeff Haas Of 123 GO! Publishing!

He’s the man behind Malek and Santa Claws, along with having done quite a few interviews, he is Jeff Haas!

1. Hello there, and welcome to the Mind Meld here at IndieComiX! For those who might not be familiar with you and what it is you do, could you tell us about yourself?

Its Jeff!

Hello, thank you for having me! I am a lot of things. I am an English teacher at a therapeutic high school. I work as the public relations manager for the Spoiler Country Podcast. I also write Malek: Reigning Devil for 123 Go! Publishing.

2. A pleasure to have ya! Speaking of 123 Go!, what led to your getting involved with them?

Phoebe Xavier was looking for stories to add to her Gun Metal: Black Ops anthology. I pitched God’s Sword which has become a prequel to Malek: Reigning Devil.

3. What is the Spoiler Country Podcast?

The Spoiler Country Podcast is a popular entertainment podcast. We have interviewed guests such as Ed Asner, Thomas Jane, Sean Gunn, Jim Starlin, and Jim Shooter.

4. Having read Malek for myself, what inspired you to come up with the idea of the character and your take on Biblical themes?

I have always had theological questions and interest. Perhaps as an agnostic/Jew I have spent time pondering religious questions. I wanted to create a character that helped to work out these questions within a narrative.

My, what teeth you have!

5. How well would you say that such a process has actually helped with those questions?

I think being true to a characters forces one to think about motivations. Also, once you think of God and religion as tangible things you begin to conceptualize the impact of these religious issues in a very real way. Malek is my response to these religious questions.

6. Makes a lot of sense actually. How many issues do you intend for there to be for Malek?

There are six issues and two short stories atm.

7. And just how dark will things get?

The fall from Grace is a deep abyss and he has a long way yet to go.

8. I hear there’s a Kickstarter for the second issue of Malek, how’s that going?

It is going really well. As I write this we are 68% funded and on day 5.

9. Heck yeah! Compared to last year when CoVid-19 put a halt to the plans for the first issue’s KS, are you finding things much easier this time around?

I find that Kickstarters are always a struggle. Every bit of support always helps though.

10. Are you working on comics other than Malek?

I am. I am working on issue two of Santa Claws and hope to complete it by September. I am also working on a Kaiju comic.

11. For you personally, how has the Pandemic affected you?

I am relatively a reclusive person, so a lot. It has affected me at work as a teacher. The mask wearing seven hours straight was an adjustment. I think writers have naturally prepped for this throughout their lives.

12. Any details you can share with us about your Kaiju project? Which are always fun to see.

The Kaiju project is very cool. It has a very Planet of the Apes vibe to it. It’s breezy and fun.

13. Considering your release intentions, will #2 of Santa Claws be out just in time for the Holiday Cheer?

I’m really hoping that Santa Claws is available by then. That’s the goal. Fingers crossed!

14. As for my final question, what advice would you give to those looking to get into the Industry?

Have a back-up plan. This isn’t easy. Find alternative methods to funding your projects and be prepared for a struggle. Those that succeed persevere through a lot of shit.

Editor’s Note: Malek: Reigning Devil #2 is currently at 529 dollars of its 775 dollar goal with 22 days to go. Pledge today!