Malek: Reigning Devil #1

Warning: Potential Spoilers!

Using Biblical themes in comics is always interesting to see for me. As there’s always different interpretations on those themes and its just great. Tom Hutchison, David Paul, Jon Lock, Frank Martin, and Mark London are a few examples of those who’ve used Biblical themes in their respective works and now Jeffrey Haas is amongst that number. Malek: Reigning Devil got his start in another book known as Gunmetal Black Ops as an 8 page back up before getting his own book and we see a little of that start at the beginning of this first issue. And I have to say I like that Jeffrey is using the idea of a being of higher power taking over another’s place after killing off that individual in order to essentially take on that person’s role so that there isn’t an imbalance of some kind. Unfortunately, in this instance, Malek has to take over Hell and essentially be the Devil after taking out Lucifer. Not the best way to get a promotion in my view!

Or would that be a downgrade? Hmm… Something to ponder on later! And now, you’d think an Angel with a better disposition than Lucifer would be a good thing for Hell to have. As it would mean that it would help pave the way for those there (mostly the Human Souls) to be redeemed so that they could enter Heaven. But as we readers get to see, that apparently doesn’t become the case unfortunately. Plus, it seems in this, God’s apparently still something of a douche like he was in the olden days. Though perhaps maybe a little bit more so if the events in this first issue are anything to go by. I like that Malek isn’t being some depressed brooding sensation in this book as that’s been done to death. Sure, the way he’s handling things and basically ignoring what he’s been told by God (not that I can blame him) probably isn’t the healthiest but at least he’s being productive!

Granted, the denizens of Hell would likely disagree with that bit! And damn, Juan Manuel Almiron’s art for the ruler of Gluttony is one disgusting sight to behold! Its just about what I would expect from something like that to exist as well appearance wise. Fun fact, until I read this comic, I had no idea that the Mashhit really was a thing from Biblical scripture. Yay for learning!

I’m looking forward to seeing what Jeffrey has in store next for Malek in the next issue and what else God and Gabriel do in order to try and bring him under heel. Something that’s likely to be explosive if they aren’t careful!

Malek: Reigning Devil #1
123 Go! Publishing
Creator and Writer: Jeffrey Haas
Lineart: Juan Manuel Almiron
Colors: Chris Mcauley
Editor and Letterer: Phoebe A. Xavier
Cover: Edwin Kwothomio
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: A new Devil reigns in Hell. Betrayed by God, the fallen angel Malek is burning to get revenge.