Fabled Four #1

The Fabled Four is a unique concept for a very special comic book story. As in many comic books, you have heroes and the adventures they must embark upon. However in this particular story, the “adventure” these heroes seek is actually by choice rather than force. Yes, that’s right, these heroes made their own decision at their leisure to take on this extremely dangerous task. But it’s why they made this choice that sets this comic adventure apart from the usual standard of storytelling.

In the opening pages of this book, you are introduced to our main characters. You will learn about Sam, Jonah, David and their interesting abilities. You will also be introduced to a few other characters in these opening pages that may play a role in future issues. This first installment is great because it sets up everything you need to know about this series and leaves you with such a powerful cliffhanger, you cant help but want more, and the wait is definitely not easy! Will our heroes be able to tackle the Tower? Can they be as good now as they were ten years ago? Who is this mystery 4th man, and is he here to help or hurt our heroes for a quick profit? And will Britney ever come back? All these questions and more will be answered as you follow along with Sam and his friends. Prepare to be apart of a dangerous yet entertaining adventure that has many twists and turns at every corner.

What I specifically love the most about this comic series is the artwork and “style of story”. It brings in a classic 1990’s video game feel, through the illustration and way the “hero’s challenges” are set up. I’m an 80’s baby, so old school gaming is right up my ally, and yes I do have an extreme bias towards those 8 bit legends! If you are a fan of RPG game play, Final Fantasy, and the Medieval Era of history, then this is a comic book for you. A fun and easy read, with a clash of comedy, action, some romance, and very “mature” conversation. I think this is better than Minecraft, Crossy Road, and any other popular form of entertainment out there using that “8 bit” artwork to aid in sales for their product. Read the first issue and I guarantee you will be looking forward to future issues with as much if not more anticipation than me. I loved this first issue, it made me laugh and worry at the same time. You will feel a mix of emotions that creates empathy for these characters and may even make you question your own current status of life and living.

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Fabled Four #1
Co-Creators: Luke Summerscales, Jamie Me, and Jonathan Carter
Writers: Luke Summerscales and Jamie Me
Artist: Luke Summerscales
Letterer: Jonathan Carter
Editor: Archie Dait
Reviewer: Adrian Richardson

Summary: Fabled Four is a fantasy comic about a group of thirty somethings trying to recapture their youth. Their solution? Risk there lives fort fortune and fame by challenging The Great Tower!