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Weird. Weird and perhaps a bit out there are some words I caCover for Softback TPB - jpegn think of that describes Future Primitive. And if you happen to be high or drunk when you decide to pick this up, you may want to wait til you’re sober so you won’t be lost or having a bad trip cause of what’s going on in this trade. As it is, you have to follow the story closely to understand what’s going on or even non drunk/high folks will be confused. Both Kevin Gunstone and Slobodan Jovanovic have crafted a tale that fits right in with the world of the bizarre and would probably be a nightmare to end up being thrown into if you happen to be an interdimensional traveler. Especially if you happen to end up landing in an area where the dastardly Moon Clan tend to reside or are just there as they march on in their ever present quest to shed blood for their ‘Moon Mother’. Which is a clear example of why you really shouldn’t leave your things laying around for someone else to find as you never know what’s bound to be done with them! Well, if you have the time to do so anyway and aren’t under threat from a world ending event!

Which seems to be kind of a theme here through out this trade. A theme that seems to be repeated at various points through history. Leading to some interesting history being created in the aftermath of each world endage that manages to survive. How this process keeps on happening is anyone’s guess and considering how the Moon Clan is and how rooted certain folks are in traditions and the like with Kulkan’s (our main Neanderthal man!) bunch is (known as the Skybearer Race), its easy to see why a solution hasn’t been figured out to stop the repeating cycle. It also becomes pretty clear through out the story that there is more in the world to know about then Kulkan even realizes after meeting an outsider at one point. Making it clear that some big actions have been made to keep even Kulkan himself ignorant to knowing of the outside world. Which makes for a good plot point to keep one’s self in power on the sly too for that matter.

Kulkan in the red against one of the God killer brothers!

Kulkan in the red against one of the God killer brothers!

Now I alluded earlier to needing to follow things very closely or being lost and confused. And that primarily is when we see scenes depicting past events that help lead to the current day time. At first I wasn’t entirely sure if these events being shown were something that happened later on after things went horribly bad for Kulkan and his group but thankfully Kevin was able to clarify that wasn’t the case for me after I mentioned it. Though a gripe of mine is that during one of the first battle scenes is that it gets a little confusing when several members of the opposing armies have matching colored armors, causing you to get a little lost unless you pay close attention to what’s going on. Hopefully in the future something like that will be avoided so as not to cause any confusion. As that sort of thing always sucks to deal with!

Fiery deaths caused by the bloodthirsty Moon Clan!

Fiery deaths caused by the bloodthirsty Moon Clan!

I found this to be quite an interesting read all around, especially with the history this world has. Which includes God like beings, God killers, the Moon Clan, Kulkan and the Skybearers, and a few other things. Such as the outside world beyond the known borders Kulkan and his people are familiar with and are told that there is nothing for them out there. Which just seems like a lie to me to keep them ignorant and one of the reasons I don’t trust a priest that is around and practically demands Kulkan and a few others to do a certain ritual despite the fact the timing is not a good one. What happens next in this world is something only Kevin really knows but I can’t wait to see what it is! So if you’re looking for something that is pretty darn different then usual, this will be for you!

Editor’s Note: Head here to grab yourself a copy!

Future Primitive – TPB
Writer and Creator: Kevin Gunstone
Artist and Co-Creator: Slobodan Jovanovic
Colorists: Matteo Baldrighi and Stefan Mrkonjic
Letterer: Patrick Foster
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: On a timeless Earth transformed by supernova radiation, Kulkan, last Warrior King of the Neanderthal ‘Skybearers’, investigates abductions on their furthermost borders. Assisted by his half-brother, Xotol of the Dead, they discover sacrifices dedicated to Chodesh, Moon Mother of the bloodthirsty Australopith ‘Clan’. A lunar apparition has fuelled the Moon Clan’s bloodlust, but the scientifically advanced Skybearers realize they are witnessing the first signs of the mutating supernova’s resultant shockwave – a devastating force that will one day obliterate the world it transformed…

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