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A BLOOD-SOAKED TALE OF LOVE AND WAR – LAUNCHES ON KICKSTARTER THIS FEBRUARY TORONTO, 02/10/2022 – From the world of the award-winning, Joe Shuster-nominated COMMANDER RAO from Scout Comics, comes a brand new graphic novella by Fell Hound called AND WE LOVE YOU – an emotionally-charged war story about a young soldier who bleeds out […]

Glitter Vipers On Kickstarter!

GLITTER VIPERS is the new original graphic novel from writer Joe Glass (The Pride, Acceptable Losses), and featuring art by Katie Fleming (The Black Rubric). Set in Manchester, UK, GLITTER VIPERS follows drag queen Bi Phallicia and friends after they fall victim to an anti-queer hate crime. In their support group, the diverse group of […]

Pathway #1

Cystic Fibrosis is a life threatening and hereditary disease that affects roughly 30,000 people in the US with 1000’s more diagnosed every year. Its a condition that currently still has no cure but thanks to the advancement of medical knowledge over the years, those affected by it are capable of reaching their 30’s, 40’s, and […]