Working Class Wizards #1 – (Advanced Review!)

Warning: Potential Spoilers

Welcome to the world of Working Class Wizards, where our boy Dave is about to find himself on a much different path then he’d been intending to walk down. As namely, he’s got his heart set on Heavy Metal Rockdom and especially by doing so through Magic, Elves, and Monsters. Its a good cause, ya know? As who doesn’t wanna make their mark in Music by making Music about those things? Only Crazy people, that’s who! Of course, like I mentioned previously, Fate has other ideas in mind for our boy Dave. Ideas that would probably go really well for ideas in songs and the like for Dave and his band.

That is, if he makes it through everything as he’s essentially finding himself getting a crash course about a part of the world he never realized truly existed. Something that gets going during one of his shows for that matter! He also seems to be taking things a little too well for the most part and I wonder how that’s gonna play out in the future. Especially as he seems a little more curious about the axe Kat created and not quite as worried about any big coming threats that we’re teased on in this issue. Why said coming threats have yet to act considering its been a few years where Corwyn is concerned but it probably comes down to the fact that what he and his master are looking to break, probably does take some considerable time.

Working Class Wizards #1 will be available February 28th so getcha pre-order on while ya can! And seriously… What’s with all the Tongue!?

Working Class Wizards #1
Band Of Bards
Creators and Writers: Nick Goodwin and Chuck Satterlee
Pencils and Inks: Jeremy Megert
Colors: Nicholas Michael
Letters: Tom Orzewchowski
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: A heavy metal guitarist in 1970s Chicago hasn’t made the big time with his songs of magic, wizards, & elves. Let’s see how he does with the real thing.