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So I was sent this sometime ago and took a bit of time to get around to reading this as I am wont to do. But when I did finally get around to doing so, it seemed only fitting I did so while listening to Orden Ogan’s It Is Over. A great if somewhat saddening yet uplifting at the same time song. In this story, rookie Officer Emay Reiziger as we see is on her way to her first assignment in her career. One she doesn’t exactly seem all that happy about and in my view, seems like it was forced on her given how she seems a bit uncertain and reluctant with things. And as we all know, that’s never a good mix for one reason or another but with Officer Reiziger and my first impressions, I could be easily mistaken for the most part. But more Officer Reiziger in a bit as I want to talk about Brazilian artist Jayson Santos for a minute or two as I wonder if he and Chris Chandler purposefully chose not to use color here or if it was simply a means of saving on money. But either way, the lack of color and Jayson’s art style (after a little looking around of course and another glance at the art) reminded me a lot of Manga styled art.

Which makes sense as this does seem to be Jayson’s preferred style of (Mangaka) art and I’m sure Derrick (Kazekun) Crow would be interested in checking out his work given his own preferences. But I am looking forward to seeing more of Jayson’s art after having seen it in SPZ. And given the small case of special treatment Emay gets in this first issue, I could see how that would get her some enemies and quite a bit of resentment but that’s not something Chris explores at all. Whether he does in the future is certainly a potential avenue but given the way things are going by the end of the issue, its doubtful he will. Especially considering our outer space peeps in blue end up dealing with a force that doesn’t seem to want to be all that friendly! Which makes me wonder if the folks in this universe by Chris and Jayson have familiarity with Aliens or if this is the first time they are encountering another Race out in the stars. Along with how many Space Precincts they have exactly out in Space or if Precinct Zero is the first and only one so far.

Something I wouldn’t mind seeing explored in the future as its fun to learn about that sort of thing. I’m also curious as to how much Daddy Reiziger is gonna regret his decisions to get his little girl bumped up to to the position she’s unfortunately in by the time this is all over with. I’m also liking the fact that Chris has specialized terminology for certain things in this book and even explains (like the OxyGen tech) it as its a neat touch and I wonder if more of that will be seen through out this series. Overall, I enjoyed this first issue and wish I had done so much sooner and I can’t wait to see what happens in the second issue given how things ended in this first one! Space Precinct Zero is available in both Print and Digital with all three current issues available in Kindle format.

Space Precinct Zero #1
DOMA Comics
Written and Lettered by: Chris Chandler
Art by: Jayson Santos
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Follow Emay Reiziger as she joins the crew, fresh out of boot camp. The only problem is she’s not so sure that she’s in the right place.

Scheme Officer Lucas Karaner is tasked with ensuring she settles in, but his second-rate status on-board the Precinct threatens to undermine his authority.

Partners both on and off duty, Officers Danny Banguera and Renna Själsfrände buckle up with the rest of their squadron as they come face to face with mysterious alien invaders.

With all of this under the orders of the nervous Captain Jacoby, are the officers of Space Precinct Zero up to the challenge?

Hunt. Kill. Repeat #1
Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Mark London
Pencils: Francesco Archidiacono
Inker: Marc Deering
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Cover A: Ryan Kyncaid
Cover B: Marguerite Sauvage
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Editor: Chris Fernandez
Designer: Miguel A. Zapata
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Humanity had long forgotten the Gods, their lives consumed by technology. Spurned by humanity for their advanced technology, the Greek gods have returned to Earth once more to exact their wrath. Goddess Artemis, however, rejects the rules of her family, finding love and solace in a mortal human being– and pays the ultimate price for the ultimate “betrayal”. Now, ten years later, Artemis sets out on a quest for revenge– but can she confront her father, and discover the truth about what was taken from her?

It figured that sooner or later, Mark would decide to apply his talents to the Greek side of Divinity and apply he did in a Kill Bill/John Wick meets Clash Of The Titans manner. There’s always been a number of interpretations of the Greeks’ Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, some flattering and some not and HKR definitely fits the some not portion. Zeus and the crew are all jealous because they aren’t the ones being worshipped anymore like technology is and so, they decide to do something about it. Showing how sad and petty they are, aside from Artemis (our main gal) as we later see thanks to the Power of Love (patent pending) and a dose of wall art. Though I’m sure there’s a bit more to it than that but I’m gonna take it as such with what’s already presented BECAUSE INNER ROMANTIC AT HEART BABY!


Y’know, thinking about it, the Zeus shown here looks like a retired Wrestler who is still in shape and wants one more go while also feeling like things should still be from the past and not with the new fangled way of things.

Though that’s probably not the intention Mark or Francesco Archidiacono were going for but it is an analogy that popped up into my head like the Staypuft Man in Ghostbusters.

Its also not that surprising you would have certain Humans that would be complete ass kissers just so they could get in on the action without being a target themselves. Not surprising but yet pathetic and sad at the same time. And sometimes… You really should ignore messages from your parents and that’s a lesson our gal Artemis is more than likely gonna take to heart by the time this story is over with. Then again, ignoring that message equally could’ve been just as bad so either way its quite possibly lose-lose for Artemis and her main squeeze. Mark and the team for HKR have made for an interesting start, especially with how the ending is set up and I’m looking forward to seeing where things go next. Especially when Zeus finds out just how bad it truly is to get in the way of a mother and her child.

Editor’s Note: Hunt. Kill. Repeat #1 is out March 2023! Getcha Pre-Order on!

Witchblood: The Hounds Of Love – TPB
Vault Comics
Created by: Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle
Written by: Matthew Erman
Art by: Lisa Sterle
Colored by: Gab Contreras
Lettered by: Andworld and Jim Campbell
Designer: Tim Daniel
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: A non-stop supernatural action adventure bathed in magic, blood, motorcycles, mayhem, vampires, and an unconventional, 1,000 year-old witch named Yonna. A modern, Wild West road trip about a witch named Yonna cruising the Southwest as a band of bloodthirsty biker vampires, The Hounds of Love, hunt her scattered coven for the source of all magic: witch blood.

Okay, I’m gonna say it right off the bat. I like this. I like this book a lot and I wish I had read it a whole lot sooner than what I did but the important thing is, I finally did sit down and read all three issues and way later, the trade itself that’s been out a spell now. I love how well Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle capture that Southern/Texas style dialogue and because of this book, I now know of a certain Alan Jackson song. Hell of a way to know about it but its proof that you really CAN learn from comic books. Take that naysayers! I also feel like Matthew and Lisa took a page from Michael Moreci and his Barbaric title given how reading this feels like something of a parody at times while I read this. I’m still a little mystified on how the Hounds of Love managed to get a Disco Ball so damned quickly! As even with their respective Vampiric speeds, it should’ve taken a bit! Not to mention where they managed to find it that quickly!

But random things like that is a part of this book’s charm in my humble view and that while in one respect you really shouldn’t take the Hounds all that seriously, not doing so could very well cost you your life.

And its also clear to me that Matthew and Lisa had quite a bit of fun with this project while also balancing the more serious side of things in Witchblood. Andworld and Jim Campbell likely had fun with the lettering too given some of the special phrases we see through out the pages that gives this book something of a campy feel. Lisa’s art and Gab Contreras’ colors go really well for this book in my view as well. I also feel that out of all the characters we see in this book, I feel like Atlacoya has the best growth we see here. Especially in comparison to Yonna, who just… Doesn’t seem to learn or really grow up despite being thousands of years old. Its also never really even revealed what caused Yonna and Goddess Esme to split from each other aside from a comment from Yonna about being dumped.

Perhaps we’ll see the full cause if Matthew and Lisa choose to do a sequel to this story. And its also apparent that given the way some of the Witches in this story do things, its no wonder they have those who hunt them down!

Something that I’m curious on if after all that happened in this book, they’ll have changed their ways for the better. Which… As we’ve seen in Blade and in this book, Vampires getting Godlike Power is a very scary thing! Witchblade: Hounds of Love was definitely an enjoyable story with a sweet little Soundtrack to go along with it, but the thing that is disappointing about the story in the end is Yonna. Whose actions will probably cause some serious issues in the future unless a little luck is on hers and everyone else’s side.

The Tiger’s Tongue – TPB
Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Olivia Stephens
Artist: Diansakhu Banton-Perry
Inker and Colorist: Bex Glendining
Covers: Odera Igbokwe
Letterer: Joamette Gil
Editor: Michael Moccio
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: HEED THE TIGER’S TONGUE, AND YOU WILL NOT BE LED ASTRAY. Under the militant rule of The Tiger’s People, empowered by their animal familiars, the Claw is on the brink of war. At the precipice of adulthood, twin princesses Kelindi and Aridani hold the future of the Claw in their hands. Kelindi would sue for peace with The River’s People, those who were subjugated “to bring order,” while Aridani has never aspired to rule. But an ancient prophecy is revealed that’ll force fate’s hand for the sisters…

Prophecy, a thing to tell of a fate to come and something that can enslave one to it and occasionally become self-fullfilling. A tool used in a lot of material over the years and featured in this offering from the Cave crew and penned by Olivia Stephens. In the end though, you shouldn’t listen to prophecy and this story exemplifies that pretty well through the actions of twin sisters Kelindi and Aridani. Though I feel like I need to read through this a couple of times to really grasp everything fully due to all the twists and turns through out this trade and because you also have to keep a close eye on the sisters themselves due to their being twins. Otherwise, confusion might abound in the process! One sister wants to rule where as the other doesn’t want too and this of course has issues for the People their father rules over. Whom the People don’t like much of considering how they feel badly treated by his Ruling and don’t want it anymore.

And rather than actually listen, he keeps sticking to Prophecy as foretold by the Tiger long ago and it makes me wonder if the River People really did relent so easily or actually had very little choice in the matter to join with the Tiger’s People.

Especially since considering how they want to be free of the King’s Rule through out the events we see in this story. Diansakhu Banton-Perry does a great job in capturing everything and the fact the twins themselves do have some differences in at least hair style/color does help to tell them apart. I wonder if their eye colors are a result of the Prophecy or just because they are twins and at first I hadn’t even noticed how their eyes are until towards the end of the first issue. Again, leading to my earlier comment about how one might want to read through this trade several times just to get everything and not be confused. I’m also wondering if Kelindi’s lack of being able to hear Karion (the current Tiger of the Royal Family) is more because of a refusal to do so due to how she wants to reform things for the better? Karion himself (her?) is also just kinda there.

Offering support when needed while also being a little on the cryptic side and you’re just not entirely certain of what side he’s on. Even by the end of the story I wasn’t entirely certain and if all the events leading up to how things end is something Karion and his predecessors knew was going to happen in order to create a better world.

Again, I do recommend reading through this trade several times in order to fully grasp everything as you might get a little confused. Lord knows I did, especially while writing this and trying to make sure I had a good grasp on things as I wasn’t a huge fan of feeling confused at times. Whether or not everything that happens with the sisters and Kelindi’s actions in the end truly made for a better world is open to interpretation for us readers. The trade for The Tiger’s Tongue is out on February 1st, 2023!