The Stand Out Comics Of 2021

2021 has been quite the year for many of us and one can only hope 2022 will be an improvement in a lot of ways. But in the mean time, we’re gonna be talking about Comics and not hopes and dreams for the coming year. Here in 2021, there was quite a few Comics out there that, for whatever reason, stood out to those that read them and after some reaching out on good ol’ Social Media, I discovered what a few of those were. So, if you’re ready for this trip down the Rabbit Hole, on we go! For this is…


The Stand

Out Comics

Of 2021


Renee Ladle: Matthew Erman’s Good Luck

Niobium Comics: Fantagraphics’ Red Room

Comics Chuck: Dark Blood, Radiant Black, Blue Flame, By The Horns, Duplicant, Not All Robots, The Good Asian, Phantom On The Scan, Nuclear Family, Ordinary Gods, Frontiersman, Blue & Gold, Mazebook, Black Hammer anything, Hellboy everything, Primordial, and Come Home Indio

Grimace Wayne: Radiant Black, Beta Ray Bill, That Texas Blood, Gods of Brutality, Mashbone and Grifty

Man-Thing_2099: Phantom On The Scan, Maniac Of New York, Bunny Mask, Nuclear Family, Geiger, Curse Of The Man-Thing, Radiant Black, Nocterra

Artsy Ken Bee: Not All Robots, Shadowman, Beta Ray Bill, Whalesville x Rocks and Minerals, Beyond Mortal, Dominion, and pretty much all the Power Rangers titles.

Ambrosha: Crossover, Department of Truth, Home, Mazebook

Jenn Rich: Not all Robots, Mamo, Many Deaths of Laila Starr, Silver Coin, Dept of Truth, Mazebook, HAHA, Fight Girls, Made in Korea

Wells Thompson: Commander Rao, Laila Starr, Coffin Bound vol. 2, Sidequest, Miranda in the Maelstrom. Wells’ own MechaTon

Elle: Laila Starr

PLUGO: Gene Luen Yang’s Superman Smashes The Klan

Alistair McDowall: Legend Of Korra: Ruins Of The Empire

Uncanny Burt: Something Is Killing the Children, Department of Truth, Daredevil, The Nice House on the Lake, DIE, Once and Future, Way of X, and ORCS

Soda And Telepaths: Eat The Rich and Harbinger

Joseph S. Farrar: Black Widow, Nightwing, Life is Strange, and Engineward

VD (Joni Hagg): Department of Truth, Die, Daredevil, Eternals, Wonder Woman: Historia, Catwoman: Lonely City

Bear Claw: Nocterra and Stray Dogs

Luisgodoyii: Dept Of Truth

Me: Twin Blades, Renegade Rule, Barbaric, All Blossom Electric In The City Of Black Miracles, Shadow Life, Samurai Grandpa, Pantomine, What We Don’t Talk About, and AloneNotLonely,


And so, we bid goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022 once it hits. What Comics will be the Stand Outs of the coming year? Who knows! But its something to definitely look forward too!

Written/Put Together by: Rob Wrecks