The 13th Moon – Anthology

Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead

The 13th Moon is a 7 story Halloween Anthology that came out last year for Halloween and even had a successful funding on Kickstarter. This is an Anthology with a great line up of creators, all of whom I wouldn’t mind seeing more of their work in the future. I love the idea of that the Introducer at the beginning is a huge talking Raccoon and I’m curious if a certain Marvel character is what inspired that. Of course, if you happen to be high when you start reading this book, you may want to hold off as you might have quite the trip! None of the stories are connected, which, you know, makes sense as this is Anthology. Though I did like the appearance of the Sins in Phillip Butehorn’s ‘One Way Ticket’ story and it makes me wonder how much of a connection there is with that story and the Malek: Reigning Devil title I covered awhile back considering their appearances in that comic as well. But more on that in a little bit.

First up in the Anthology is Luci And The Doombringers by Bayron Calderon and Phoebe A. Xavier and I have to say this is my top favorite of the 7 stories this Anthology has. Its fun and wild with some Metalheads trying to get their Metal on but this and that keeps causing problems for them. Leading to them to summon a Demon to deal with the whole thing and boy could that have gone wrong! But it doesn’t, instead, they and us readers get to meet Luci. Who, like the boys, is all about the Metal life in Music and finally sees a chance to get to do what she’s been wanting to do for a really long time. Again, this could have easily gone seriously wrong and almost could have, but doesn’t. I honestly hope we get to see more of this particular world from 123 Go! in the future as I would definitely be down to read more about Luci, the boys, and their newfound ‘pet’ they end up with near the end of the story. Though I’m curious on who exactly her father is and that’s another thing I wouldn’t mind seeing get explored!

The second story is Patient Xero from Phillip Butehorn, P.A.X., J.M.A., and Chris Mcauley. And, well… This one is just too short to really get a good grasp on things but do get a little curiousity about what led to the events we see in this short story. One involving bodies in body bags, apparent guilt, and hallucinations related to said guilt if I’m not mistaken. I’d definitely read more if there is any more.

Third up is Inexcorable by Vesa Vltlkalnen, Juho Sihvonen, and P.A.X. and is all about Gangsters and Zombies. A mix you don’t see that often unless I’ve just not been paying attention! Volk’s in a bad way at the beginning of this story and nothing he says is gonna help him any. I like that after all is said and done, he seems to be able to retain his intelligence to a certain degree. But at the same time, it appears like he doesn’t even realize he himself is just as afflicted as the Zombie hordes are and I wonder how that’s going to affect him once the time comes. Whether or not that’s been explored by this point, I’m unsure of but I’ll take a look soon!

Up next is Dracula – Lord Of The Future by Chris Mcauley, Collin Maxwell, and P.A.X. All I’m gonna say about this one is that even Corporations and Scientists in the far future shouldn’t anger Dracula. For it leads to nothing good!

One Way Ticket by Phillip Butehorn, P.A.X., J.M.A., and Chris Mcauley is the fifth story and something I talked about a little earlier on. And I have to say, I think I preferred the Demons in this to the Angels considering the ending of the story. Using a train to transport souls to Hell is definitely an interesting take on things and I’m curious as to why ‘Harris’ went to the lengths he did to try and curry favor with Heaven. Well, other than getting into a really good place anyway. But why the Human’s Soul wasn’t able to do what the living body could’ve done is beyond me however.

Our sixth story is The Damned by Juan Bertazzi, Hernan Gonzalez, and Chris Mcauley and I rather like this one as it features Werewolves. Albeit, this is a little on the tragic side considering the plot twist at the end of the story. Which, like with One Way Ticket, a second read through or two is a really good idea as you’ll be more likely to catch on to something you may have missed the first time. Redemption was definitely gained in the end.

The final story in this Anthology is Esc Pod by Phoebe A. Xavier, Renan Balmonte, and Chris Mcauley. I have to say, I felt a stirring of anger in me with this story considering what the mother tries to pull with her son. As you think she’s doing one thing that’ll guarantee him a future away from their only ever known home because he’s got Autism. But come to find out, she’s doing something completely different since her second unborn child doesn’t have the condition. This lady needs an ass kicking in my view and this take of the future doesn’t exactly feel the warm and fuzzies if the view of Autism is that bad. But nicely enough, she gets her comeuppance thanks to Karma going in a certain way where her son is concerned. Whom I wonder will find his way back to civilization, or remain where he is for the rest of his life with his best friend.

If there’s a second volume of The 13th Moon, I definitely intend to read it when the chance presents itself! Hopefully there’ll be a continuation or two of some of the stories from this Anthology. So if you’re interested in checking out this Anthology for yourself, head here!

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The 13th Moon – Anthology
123 Go!
Writers: Phoebe A. Xavier, Bayron Calderon, Phillip Butehorn, Vesa Vltlkalnen, Chris Mcauley, Juan Bertazzi
Artists: Juan Manuel Almiron, Bayron Calderon, J.M.A., Juho Sihvonen, Collin Maxwell, Hernan Gonzalez, Renan Balmonte
Colorist: Chris Mcauley
Letterers: Phoebe A. Xavier, P.A.X., Hernan Gonzalez
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Seven tales of Horror and Wonder! A Halloween Horror Anthology hosted by Mirror The Time-Bender.