Enenra #1

Great horror films and drama thrillers come in many different varieties. Some are “in your face” and some are more subtle in their approach to the viewing audience. The big bad guy or antagonist can be tangible or like in the famous Blair Witch Project, semi tangible. But sometimes we have the intangible, the unseen, or the unknown enemy in a great story. And this is exactly what you will find in the first issue of the Enenra Series. A big mystery, a powerful enemy, and a lot of unanswered questions are all a part of this opening story. The who, what, how, when, and why are all present in this first book, and it leaves you salivating for more.

Enenra #1 is a very interesting mix of 28 Days Later and Passenger 57 all wrapped into a “who done it” style of mystery. With all that is currently going on in this world, a story like this could be either a perfect fit or tone deaf bad timing depending on the level of personality each reader has. But in my opinion, we see films like this everyday whether it is relevant to what’s in the news or not. The film Bird Box was huge, Contagion was also successful, and the amount of video games released revolving around this very concept is staggering. So if it works in film, video games, and novels, why not a great comic book too.

Now, this very first issue leaves you with a lot more questions rather than answers, but that is “text book strategy” on how to set up an inevitable great series. Keep them guessing! It works on any platform for entertainment. It is the key component in the equation known as “Binge Worthy Content.” What we do know is that our story is taking place in London, with an attached storyline to somewhere in Hong Kong. There is a virus, and we don’t know if it was man made or otherwise. We also don’t know how powerful it is, or if it is being used as a weapon by a terrorist organization. There is a lot of guessing taking place by our lead characters, and they are about as clueless as we are.

I love the art in this book! Dark and gritty, with such a lovely tone of gloom and despair as all hope seems to decay at every turning minute. The choice to not use color and keep this issue in different qualities of gray helps to set the mood and atmosphere of what is happening within this story. I can’t wait to read the next issue; I’m literally “dying” to see what is going to transpire next. How far will this story go, how much will this virus spread, who is in charge, and who is responsible for this eventual pandemic? You will have to read every issue to find out. This virus is like no other, it’s not just making you sick or turning you into some form of classic Zombie, it is bigger and badder than all that combined.

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Editor’s Note: Enenra #1 is out April 1st, 2020!

Written By: Aaron Wroblewski
Art by: Ezequiel Lancho
Reviewed by: Adrian Richardson

Summary: Flight BA432 arrives into Heathrow airspace. Despite all attempts at communication failing, the airliner is allowed to land, much to the horror of everyone involved. As liaison officer between the British government and the ECDC, Doctor Richard Marron is contacted. His team, together with Jessica Holmes from the Epidemic Intelligence and Response, cautiously gain entry to the aircraft. What they find is horrifying. Just what happened on-board Flight BA432?