The Pale #5

Well now, life has chosen to look down upon me and grant me with the gift of more of Jay and Sanders Fabares’ lovely little gem known as ‘The Pale‘! This time in the form of the 4th and 5th issues! And my oh my, the mystery of certain events gets just a bit deeper, pulling you in just a bit more as we learn a little of this and a little of that. Including a possible office romance!? But that’s not the important thing here, unless of course you’re the type who loves themselves an office romance or romance in general. But I’ll leave that to you fine readers when (unless you already have) you read these two latest issues. I love that Jay and Sanders are taking their time in telling their story. Weaving everything together through out each issue.

Even the sub plots don’t take away from anything and I’m curious to see if whether or not they’ll have an impact on the main story. Especially where certain troublesome teenagers are concerned. Now what’s a bit more troubling then troublesome teenagers however, is the three mystery ‘cops’ we learn of in the 5th issue. How they are connected to the murders we’ve learned of is something I can’t wait to learn more about. Along with whoever is leaving little rock formations that might be the lead up to more clues about what’s going on. Whether or not what it leads up too is even worse or not as much remains to be seen however! ‘The Pale‘ isn’t something to sleep on folks so please check this out as soon as you have a chance to do so.

The Pale #5
Story by: Jay and Sanders Fabares
Writing by: Sanders Fabares
Art by: Jay Fabares
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Agent Ink informs Sheriff Logan that the body that was discovered a week ago might be connected to a killer he has been tracking for several years. The investigation becomes even more complicated when Navajo Police Officer Joseph Yazzie reveals that there’s no record of the body ever being turned over to them.

Meanwhile, Nate and his family are headed to the rug festival with Ronnie in tow.