In The Hot Spot – The Eynes Anthology

Full Disclosure: Some of the people featured in this Anthology, and of whose stories I will be taking a look at in an upcoming review, are friends and colleague of mine from

Created by: John Horsley
Writers: John Horsley, Casey Allen, Joseph S-Pell, Travis Webb, Michael Tanner, Greg Smith, Kenric Regan, TS Black
Artists: Rick Bugbee, Rob Toal, Sebastian Varela Baino, Greg Woronchak, Clayton Hollifield,
J. Paul Shiek, Scott Godlewski, Dennis Tirona, John Horsley
Inks/Coloring: DC Alanso, John Horsley, Denis Caron, JW Sims
Lettering: Nikki Powers, Kaylie Horsley
Article Writer: Derrick Crow

Summary: Monsters are everywhere…

They always have been. They lurk, hidden in every shadow, behind every dark thought. They are probably in your closet, possessing your friends, and they’re almost certainly creeping behind you now. They are most often undetectable. And when they’re not, it’s too late.

Throughout time, these monsters have feasted on society – both physically and metaphysically. The chaos they bring fuels a great dark spirit that seeks to end the world with pain and torment.

The Eynes are our only hope…

The Eynes family line has been cursed since before recorded history to detect the presence of these monsters. It is their bound duty to stop these creatures from destroying humanity through any means necessary, be it by sword, spell… or other. Though the Eynes can feel when the creatures are in close proximity, the monsters themselves are also drawn toward the family.

But not everything is as it seems…

And although the war between the monsters and the Eynes has waged for centuries, The black-and-white battle lines have grayed over the years. Not all monsters may be considered evil and not all Eynes are as righteous as one would think.

These are the tales of the Eynes Family.

Hot Spot: To paraphrase John Horsley, the Eynes Anthology is more than just an anthology book. It’s a narrative experience unlike what most anthologies have given you in the past. Rather than stick to a single theme, the story is between the stories themselves. Following the Eynes family through the ages as they evolve and adapt to being a monster hunter in different time periods.

Such as the middle ages, the 1920s, and even modern day. Through war time, hard-boiled detective work, and even just a night out on the town with your friends. The Eynes Anthology promises 64 colored page worth of content for its backers, and 10 stories. All told by a cabal of excellent creators.

Having gotten to read some of it already, I can say that this book is taking a strong first step into both the world of monster hunting, and the world of comics. Indie comic work isn’t easy, and it can be hard to get your work seen, so the content inside has to not only be able to stand on its own, but also elevate the reading experience for anyone who opens the pages.

The Eynes Anthology will do just that, and thanks to their crazy awesome reward tiers, the builders behind this book are going to great lengths to make sure your experience doesn’t just stop with the book in your hand. Check out what you can expect down below.

And make sure to check out The Eynes Anthology Kickstarter right here!


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US $30 or MORE: Get a personalized monster sketch on the cover of the book drawn by John Horsely himself, as well as getting it signed! Plus gain a physical copy of the book, a PDF copy, and get your name printed inside!

US $40 or MORE (Bundle Pack Edition – Limited to 15): Not only do you get The Eynes Anthology in both physical and PDF format, as well as your name in the book, you also get a slew of other indie titles from some of the creators: Strike Team: Code Name: Diamond Force; y2cl Present: Holiday Special; Sergeant Blinky and his Brigade of Fantastic!; + More to come!

US $40 or MORE (Multi-Signed Edition – Limited to 20): Get the book in both physical and PDF format, your name in the book, a small signed sketch on the cover by John Horsley, and get your cover signed by ALL of these lovely people: John Horsley, Casey Allen, Greg Smith, Clayton Hollifield, Michael Tanner, Joseph S-Pell, Rick Bugbee, Sabastian Varelo Baino, Kenric Regan (and more to come)!

US $50 or MORE (Limited to 25): Get a copy of the book with a blank cover and John Horsley himself with draw and original piece on that sucker just for you! Plus a Print Pack, the book in PDF, and your name printed in the book!

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US $200 or MORE (Original Page “Some Days” by Rick Bugbee): Get an ORIGINAL PIECE of art from “Some Days” by artist Rick Bugbee! As well a physical copy of the book, a PDF copy, print pack, and your name in the book!

US $200 or MORE (Original Page “The Wanderer” by Clayton Hollifield): Get an ORIGINAL PIECE of art from “The Wanderer” by artist Clayton Hollifield! As well a physical copy of the book, a PDF copy, print pack, and your name in the book!

US $200 or MORE (Original Page “The Crossed Paths” by Sebastian Varela Baino): Get an ORIGINAL PIECE of art from “The Crossed Paths” by artist Sebastian Varela Baino! As well a physical copy of the book, a PDF copy, print pack, and your name in the book!

Editor’s Note: And even if you aren’t able to help donate, just sharing the project with those you know is just as good! As of now, they are currently in the range of 3,093 dollars. The end goal is to reach a full 4,500 dollars. And with your help, they can certainly reach that before the remaining 19 days are over!