Chicken Outfit #3

And so we’re at issue 3 of the bat-shit insane saga that is “Chicken Outfit”. It takes forever for these pages of madness to hit stores, but it’s always been worth the wait.

And issue 3 keeps that trend up, kicking things off with a giant panel showing our hero, Rusty McDoodle, taking a shower in his chicken hat, with his bollocks flapping around. And that sets the tone for what has, so far, been one of the silliest and most interesting comics out there.

And it gets more ridiculous from there. How do you think chickens are born? It’s not how you’d think.

When we left our heroes Rusty, Stan Munson and Headcast, they were attempting to cope with hell being unleashed upon the earth. But First, Rusty has a new job to start with Stan at an online porn company, as their banner guy.

Of course, there was also crazy biker women and a demon sex robot involved. But whatever, that’s a Tuesday for your internet searches, Mr Reader, am I right?

The comedy is more finely tuned in this issue, with well timed sight gags and funny character interactions. Rusty is an incredibly grumpy fella, but it suits the “Get me out of this chicken outfit” old fashioned military style. That’ll make more sense if you read it. Which you should.

But the story is also fleshed out more. Headcase, a psychic and the only one trying to save the world effectively, takes it upon himself to try and find the source of all the evil happening. Meanwhile, Rusty and Stan get shit thrown at them thanks to associations within the online porn industry.

It all takes a very nice sci-fi twist towards the end of the issue, too, with a dimension hopping robot with a remarkably Douglas Adams-esque comical tone.

From what I say, it does seem very porn orientated, but it’s not how you think, I swear! I can explain what I’ve been reading!

It’s never “BLEEEERG HERE’S BOOBS” or anything as played out as that. The online porn industry is a setting for Joe Deagnon anf Kirby Stasyna to create a funny, engaging story. And they make that setting a genuinely funny one, with no real love for the industry.

The art is also improving with every issue. While the art was fun and twisted enough in the first two issues, it’s when you flick back through them that you see how much tighter the lines are and how vibrant the colours can be.

It’s a book you might like, is what I mean. It’s two guys messing around and being highly entertaining while doing it. Just how comic books should be sometimes.

Editor’s Note: Missed the first two issues and want to check them out before placing your eyeballs on the pages of the 3rd issue? Then head right here! You can also get a free digital copy of issue 1 here!

Chicken Outfit #3
Self Published
Written by: Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna
Reviewer: Ross Rivers

Summary: FORGET WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT…errr…uh. Wait. I forgot. Oh yes! Nevermind. They’re back! Join the weirdos from Xber Xabre and the Psychic Cavern for another tale of woe in “Chicken Outfit”. Two employees of an internet smut racket join forces with a wealthy psychic and his layabout Man-Friday for adventures guided by a visitor from another dimension. Rusty Mc Doodle and Stan Munson finally discover what’s behind the curtain of the great and terrible Zigmund Danzig and lose the only thing dear to them – their minds.


  1. I am promising issue #4 with much more speed. I swear… Kickstarter and a terrible illness really got in the way of issue #3. We’re on #4 as I type. See for news and updates! The BLARRGHH is the best place to see them:

    Get issue one for FREE while there:

    1. Darn illnesses! Glad you’re feeling better however!

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