Amigo Comics September 2017 Solicitations: Apocalypse Girl is here!

June 9, 2017

Even though the wheather is hot and everyone is feeling the beach… it is also getting hot at Amigo Comics HQ with the adventures of Apocalypse Girl: a teenager with regular teen-issues as well as blood-thirsty demons and an undead mother!

We also thought it would be a good time to re-solicit the concluding issues to Planet of Daemons #4 as well as The Last Hunt #4.

And since next month is the lovely month of October we thought it be prudent to reprint The Westwood Witches TP, which reprints the critically acclaimed horror miniseries written by prestigious Haxtur & ExpoComic award-winning El Torres.

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Author(s): El Torres
Artist(s): Ramiro Borrallo
Cover Artist(s): Ramiro Borrallo

Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Format Comic book, FC, 32 pages
Price: $3,99
UPC Code: 732030830837—00111

Most common teenage issues are self-esteem, stress and pressure, dating, appearance and those worries and teen angst that won’t go away. Metis is 16, has all these problem and some more… Because, on top of that, the End of the World happened and she has to cope with blood-thirsty demons and a 4000-years old, critical, undead mom!

















Our resolicit:
THE LAST HUNT #4 (of 4)

Author(s): Hannu Kesola & Ken Janssens
Artist(s): Paul Moore & Beth Varni
Cover Artist(s): Paul Moore & Beth Varni

Genre: Science Fiction
Format Comic book, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3.99
UPC Code: 732030830820—00411

It all comes down to this: the thrilling conclusion to the hit, blood and oh-so-many guts, sci-fi miniseries. Witchcraft and evilness can thrive in the cold, empty space. As the Last Hunt ends, who will be the final ones standing, the hunters of the prey?

Our resolicit:
Author(s): Kevin Gunstone
Artist(s): Paul Moore, Stefan Mrkonjic
Cover Artist(s): Paul Moore and Stefan Mrkonjic

Genre: Action/Supernatural
Format: Comic book, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3,99
UPC Code: 603803997920—00411

In the labyrinth of Sathariel, Amos Deathridge faces the disturbing truth behind his arrival in the Qliphoth and the real identity of the Succubus Queen, Heinous. Shocking revelations that threaten to break his spirit before his showdown with Count Elig.

Our resolicit:
The Westwood Witches TP

Author(s): El Torres
Artist(s): Abel García, Angel Hernández
Cover Artist(s): Ángel Hernández

Intended Audience: Mature Themes
Genre : Horror
Format : Comic book sized, FC, 116 pages
Retail Price: $19,99
ISBN: 9788416074761- 51999

Jack Kurtzberg is a successful writer of witch-romance bestsellers… and he hates it so very much.

Suffering from writer’s block after the death of his brother, he decides to move back to his hometown, not knowing that his new neighbors are a coven of beautiful, blood-thirsty, demon-worshipping witches hiding in plain sight.

This volume reprints the critically acclaimed horror miniseries written by prestigious Haxtur & ExpoComic award-winning El Torres.

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