Mind Meld With Harley Dela Cruz Of Samurai Shin!

1. It’s great to get to speak with you. How are you doing today?

I’m doing great Derrick, thank you.

2. I’ve only read a page of your upcoming collaboration with Mikel M. on Samurai Shin Prelude but I definitely like what I’ve seen so far. Tell me, what was it like working with Miles?

It’s a great opportunity to work with Mikel and it’s an honor to be the manga artist of Samurai Shin, i was reading the first issue of and it was very good and I got a lot of art inspiration from it as well thanks to Ivan Earl Aguilar.

3. Your art style is incredibly reminiscent of anime and manga, are there any works or creators that inspired you and your style?

I read a lot of manga and watch anime every now and then, and it’s one of a biggest inspiration factors in helping me create my own style as an artist.

4. Are those your favorite series or do you have others that you may not necessarily take inspiration from but love to watch nonetheless?

Some of my favorite anime are Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, but i still watch fresh new anime.

5. When did you discover a passion for drawing specifically, how long have you been at it?

Drawing has been my passion since I was a kid, but it was totally improved when I worked as a freelance artist.

6. Mikel tells me you like music, does music play an important role in your life and work?

Music set the mood and help me to focus on new creative ideas.

7. Who are some of your favorite musical artists that inspire you the most?

30 Seconds to Mars, the Scripts, etc. I love alternative rock, and sometimes pop songs.

8. What has been your favorite part so far about your experience working on Samurai Shin? And in your opinion, why should people read it?

Well if you ask me what part, it will be the whole part because I really enjoy doing the art scenes. It has a great story that focuses on the character, Keith Masaru and his past so I’m very excited for every one to see the mini manga I worked on with the team.

9. Is there any advice you can give to aspiring artists out there to help motivate them?

Just push yourself to work hard and remove all negative vibes and always look for new ideas.

10. Where can people find you? And are there any of other projects of yours that you’d like to give a shout to that our readers should go check out?

Here ya go! My work is only on Deviantart.

Samurai Shin Prelude Part 1 (Mini Manga) & Samurai Shin Prelude EP Will Be Released In June 2017.