Samurai Shin Comics Creators Confirm 2nd Issue & New Soundtrack

13563195_1126391540732293_535072729_nThe creators of Comics have confirmed Samurai Shin Issue #2, Which feature here an English sub-titled trailer with Japanese language showcasing Amir Atsuko and Keith Masaru.

Writer Mikel Miles and illustrator Ivan Earl Aguilar collaborated once again on the second issue,and illustration artist Fahmi Fauzi has also contributed. Issue #1 was released in September 2016 and can be found at PeepGameComix.

The soundtrack for Issue#2, Samurai Shin OST 2, will be independently released. Samurai Shin OST1 was released earlier this year and featured producers Kuro Silence, P.Soul, and underground emcees including Chill$quad and Jaymin Warren. Samurai Shin OST1 is available on Payhip and Soundcloud for free.

Samurai Shin Issue #2 & Samurai Shin OST 2 are schedule to release in 2017.