Wolfcop #2 (Advanced Review)


Well holy crap on a stick! This was something I had been seriously looking forward to ever since reading the first issue and I have to say it was worth the wait! But damn! I was not expecting one particular certain event to happen by the end of the issue and I’m damned curious to see how that’s gonna play out in future issues. And what it means for the film side of things over all. Though to be honest, the fact that what even happened with Willie doesn’t even bother me all that much cause I am really liking how this is developing beyond the movie. I gotta wonder how much it cost them to fix up the Wolf Mobile. Which I bet would make Lou an unhappy camper if it impacted his drinking! But hey, at least he would have some lovely ladies at a local brothel to make it all better for him! Which, I can’t help but wonder if these lovely ladies are Vampires or something else? Which might explain the bodyguard!

Course with service like theirs, I doubt Lou or Willie will be all that willing to visit another brothel anytime soon! And seeing as how Arcana Studios is no longer on art duties as Allan Otero is while AS is handling colors (Awesomely at that I might add), I have to say, any differences there is in art style I don’t notice a single thing. I’m not gonna lie, the last time I read a second issue of a Dynamite title, it kinda ended up losing me cause it didn’t really live up to the hype of the first issue. This thankfully didn’t cause that for me. Though I do feel that with how certain things happened in this, it would have served more as a 3rd or perhaps 4th issue due to what Lou decides to do at the end of the issue. I love the fact he manages outwit the lovely beauty who brought him and Willie there in the first place! As it shows he’s not just a drunken Wolfcop as he actually does have something of a brain!

And I hope we see more of him using his brain in this series for however long it runs. Hint hint there Max Marks and Dynamite! To be honest though, I wouldn’t mind seeing the trouble maker that caused problems for Lou and Willie returning later and since we didn’t actually see anything fatal happen, there’s certainly room for it to be possible as well! This was a shocking issue for sure and I can’t wait to see what happens next! This should also forever serve as a reminder to never give too much trust to small town hospitality too!

Wolfcop #2
Dynamite Entertainment
Writer: Max Marks
Creator: Lowell Dean
Artist: Allan Otero
Colors: Arcana Studios
Letters: Chris Barrett
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: “WOLFCOP: LITTLE BROTHEL OF HORRORS has errant lupine lawman Lou Garou and his conspiracy-crazed sidekick Willie Higgins running into more trouble on the road. When Lou accepts a bit of small-town hospitality from local bordello madame Fey, he’s quickly trapped in a prison of his two favorite vices: Women and booze. But this den of sin harbors a dark secret, one that just might eat WolfCop alive…