Dynagirl #6 (Originally ran on 7/30/2015)

Man, I can hardly believe I took a few years to read more of 7273494_origthis series. Cause holy crap did this story get to be pretty damn amazing! Makes me want to kick myself in the ass for taking so long to get back to this. Mid way through the story we saw a change in colorists and I honestly can say that the story did not suffer for it one bit. Paul Little’s colors are on par with Lisa Moore’s in my view and he’s nicely managed to keep going with what she started. Cary Kelley has also managed to hook me further with this title as well by the time I got to issue 6 and had me feeling genuinely sad for one particular character who was introduced about halfway through the storyline for this part of the title. I’m genuinely hoping we’ll see him again at some point, though there’s another him out there but it’ll be a good long while before he’s ready to get out there and save lives. I don’t want to spoil who I’m talking about, but chances are if you’ve read this fantastic

comic, you know exactly who I’m talking about.

I honestly think he was the surprise star of the whole story! Please don’t hurt me over that Dynagirl, but its truth! When I went looking for more information on just how far Dynagirl is, I realized I had forgotten that there’s content out there related to what led to the events we see in the beginning of issue 1. And I’m going to do what I can sometime soon to try and get that back story as I’m really curious over it all.

Team Dynagirl’s (though I imagine the rest of her team mates wouldn’t exactly go for that name) backers certainly have some skeletons in their closet and I can only imagine how that’s gonna effect things for everyone. Not to mention it goes back to the suspicions I had about Claire from my review of the first issue. I’m especially curious to see how the nutjob the team encounters in this even knew about the bad juju the company had on the island, is there more to his ramblings that at one point involved oracles? Or was he just really a certifiable nut who happened to be a bit right? Either way, its something I look forward to seeing get potentially explored in this universe of Cary Kelley’s.

Harold Edge’s art is simply fantastic all through out this title, though I do think Waypoint could have a better form of protection when it comes to a costume cause all that skin is certainly a health hazard waiting to happen. Which that part of her suit’s look is only a small, small issue I have with this series other then a supply of big chests. Though I still wonder if that’s just him attempting to mock the Big Two.

So if you’ve been looking to read about a kick ass female super heroine who also doubles as a single mother, this will be something for you! I know I’m especially excited to see where all this goes next, especially that cliffhanger at the end for issue 6.

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Dynagirl #6
Red Handed Studios
Writer: Cary Kelley
Artist: Harold Edge
Colors: Paul Little
Letters: Cary Kelley
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: The final moment has arrived to determine who will be victorious, Dynagirl and friends? Or the nefarious Cane? And will there be a price to pay when all is said and done?