Grizzly Shark #1

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this. I li345776._SX640_QL80_TTD_ke to read and review number ones as a general rule and sometimes they are okay sometimes eh and then they something you’d never thought you ever see, this is that last instance. Now Ryan’s work is beloved by any Invincible fan for those who don’t read that title, really (?), well this will make you love him regardless.

There are times in life when you need something so unexpected and so out there that it makes you lose it and laugh out loud. This is that something. Right from the get go with dialogue between and father and son and what they experience in the first few pages sets the stage for this story. I mean nothing about this seems like it’s something other than ridiculous, ridiculously funny that is.

Part bad made for SyFy movie, and let’s face we’re all guilty of loving those, and part pure satire this is one of those books that you’ll devour, laugh and think what kind of drugs is this man on? If you are like me you probably had no idea this is revival of a one shot from 2010 but after reading this I gotta say it’s definitely something i’m keeping my out for because now more than ever I need to read it. The concept of a land shark is nothing new we’ve seen weird stories done with them before but this one takes the cake.

88e1aa087584c101103144235b3232ab._SX640_QL80_TTD_Think about it a shark that swims through the forest and terrifies campers, hikers, joggers and a farmer’s livestock seems like something you laugh off as too out there to read. Don’t judge though because the writing, characters and characterization here makes this a pure delight. There are moments where you think someone is trying to take this too seriously but those thoughts are quickly pushed away because these folks have no idea the terror they are about to experience.

All in all this is a truly rememorable book. Since Ryan is doing all the work the words and pictures are done so you get the maximum effect throughout the entire story. I love that we see the individuality and personality of each character come to life before our eyes. The way the book flows and his use of pages and panels highlight his unique and fun style of illustration.

So grab a copy meet Uncle Pete and his family to find out who lives, who dies and what kind of unholy havoc the Grizzly Shark will create!

Grizzly Shark #1
Image Comics 2016
Created, Written, Illustrated & Lettered by: Ryan Ottley
Colours by: Ivan Plascencia
Cover Colours by: Kelsey Shannon

Reviewer: Steven Leitman

Summary: The sold out, cult hit blackand- white issue is back, now in full color! Followed by all-new issues that continue the bloody adventures of the world’s most feared animal, the Grizzly Shark!