ARH ComiX proudly presents 3 amazing titles, marking adventure and fantasy with stunning art, visuals and designs.


ARH ComiX proudly presents 3 amazing titles, marking adventure and fantasy with stunning art, visuals and designs. Comic book miniseries with amazing statues available, making sure strong female characters get their moment of glory!


unnamedARH ComiX presents ARHIAN: HEAD HUNTRESS, its thrilling new fantasy action series, drawn by ultra-dynamic artist YANNIS ROUMBOULIAS and written in violent, pulpy style by ARAHOM RADJAH and ABRAHAM KAWA.

In the years after the third Arkhorian War, hordes of reavers, pirates and mercenaries roamed the world, their swords serving no cause but themselves or the highest bidder. Across those bloodstained lands rode Arhian, proud, fierce, her guile and wit as cutting as her blade. Storming through an age without heroes, she claimed it for hers, and cleaved her way into legend.

Bounty-hunting mercenary, Arhian cuts her way through an ancient world of horrors and cruelty, taking on scumof every ilk with deadly steel, deadliercharm and bold, sassy attitude. Taking the Weird Tales brand of hard-edged pulp fantasy and coupling it with the wry humor and cool brutality of an Eastwood or Tarantino western, this ARH ComiX offering is the one to watch for all lovers of great adventure.

The 5-issue series not only introduces the sexiest, toughest, most indomitable heroine you’ve seen in ages, but also doubles as your first look into the epic, conflict-forged age of the Arkhorian Wars, set to be further explored into more pulse-pounding sagas to follow, including AGE OF ARHIAN, a 15 chapter saga that reveals ARHIAN’s origins and pivotal involvement in the third and most brutal ARKHORIAN WAR.

“You will fall in lust with Arhian and will be in awe of her,” say Radjah and Kawa, who also chronicle ARH’s QUEEN OF VAMPIRES and SHA-RYN series. “She is a feisty, no-nonsense, independent woman you wouldn’t want to cross, and her world and story will prove just as captivating as she is. Make no mistake, this is only the beginning.”

Arhian’s universe is so vast that it bursts through several ARH ComiX licenses connecting the ARKHORIAN WARS saga to ARHIAN, SHA-RYN, RESALLA and even the upcoming TWIN MERMAIDS comics. All set in the same era and world.
ARHIAN: HEAD HUNTRESS is available in stores, NOW.

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unnamed (1)“Our Hollywood pitch for this would be something like STARZ original series Spartacus in a vampire world” joke the good folks at ARH ComiX. But jesting aside, we guarantee you a unique, dramatic take on the vampire tale – from epic battles, armies of monsters and ancient realms rife with intrigue to rivers of blood, doomed romances and seductive, sultry femme fatales.”

Part of ARH’s “triple-threat” launch of fantasy comics sagas (including the pulp fantasy series ARHIAN: HEAD HUNTRESS and its spinoff, SHA-RYN), QUEEN OF VAMPIRES is a tale of horror, immortality and forbidden love set in ancient Mesopotamia, with its heroine, the cruel vampire queen Arkhalla, ruling her realm of enslaved humans with an iron fist until she falls in love with one of her slaves.

“It’s a love story,” confirms ARHComiX founder ARAHOM RADJAH, who plots the 7-issue epic written by ABRAHAM KAWA and drawn in scary, sexy detail by MANOS LAGOUVARDOS. The passions may be high and bloody, and the scale larger-than-life and action-packed, but in its core, this is a drama of character and powerful emotion.

Set against a canvas that is as rich as it is vast, Arkhalla’s story extends far beyond its confines. Additionally planned releases set to continue this 7 book-saga include further comic book series (as well as its epic ending set in the present day) in addition to a prose adaptation of the first story in novel format.

QUEEN OF VAMPIRES is available in stores NOW.

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unnamed (2)In the wake of ARHIAN: HEAD HUNTRESS, the gritty, thrilling fantasy adventure from ARH ComiX, storytellers ARAHOM RADJAH and ABRAHAM KAWA return to the epic age of the Arkhorian Wars with a brand new tale starring Arhian’s wild & younger sister, Sha-Ryn.

Joined by artist supreme NIKOS KOUTSIS, the creative team will be taking readers for the ride of their lives – and they’re taking no prisoners!

Set seven years before the events of ARHIAN: HEAD HUNTRESS, at the height of the third Arkhorian War, the new series sees Mazkaran – the island haven of the Amazons – being invaded by unstoppable Arkhorian forces. It’s in this desperate moment, with her sister away and her people facing imminent death and destruction, that young Sha-Ryn must forge herself into a heroine – or die trying.

“This is a wholly different animal then ARHIAN,” Radjah and Kawa assure us. “Sure, it’s got tremendous fighting, great storytelling, and a beguiling heroine – ARH’s trademarks – but just as Sha-Ryn is young and bursting with enthusiasm here, this tale is meant to highlight the fun we and our readers can have in such a world. We got everything on this island: Amazons, jungle action, great beasts that time has forgotten, mayhem, cliffhangers… This is high adventure and action of a classic caliber with an ARH twist: if your jaw doesn’t drop on every splash page, folks… you should check your pulse!”
SHA-RYN will be in stores in 2016.

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