Broken Moon #4

Werewolves, Vampires, Humans, Frankenstein, FrankeBrokenMoon_Issue004_CVRAnstein’s Monster, The Monster’s siblings, and Fish people! Oh my! Philip and Steve certainly brought in a few surprises through out this seriously short series that I feel could have really and truly benefitted from a longer run. But the surprises none the less were pretty great. From start to finish I continued to enjoy the art style and colors used for this book as they really helped to provide that dark vibe this world has to it thanks to the Vampires. I wouldn’t mind seeing how this would fare as a movie or perhaps a mini-series on television. Though maybe not on SyFy but somewhere that would do the CGI and what not really well.

Doctor Frankenstein (who was introduced in issue 3) definitely needs to learn a few lessons when it comes to other people and social habits. Things probably would have gone really wrong later on if the Lead Wolf hadn’t of changed his mind about helping out against the Vampires. One of whom is likely old as Hell considering the fact he didn’t even look human. Guy’s probably a Republican or something considering he had his boys looking to screw up the oceans. Probably something Al Gore and other environmentalists having an absolute fit over. Well… More of a fit anyway considering what happened to the world at an earlie time.

One of the things I’m curious about is whether or not the lead Monster of Frankenstein’s is the one from the old stories and if so, did the good Doctor change him up over time to look more like a strong muscled Adonis? Which, would probably be a good lure to use if he was looking to add women to his collection of monsters. Especially if the big guy himself was looking to take on a wife! Now I loved the surprise inclusion of the Fish folk and the reaction of the Vampires to it. Guess you were myth-taken fellas! And while I enjoyed this four issue min-series from AGP, I still feel it was somewhat rushed to get to its conclusion. I think readers and the story itself could have benefitted from a slightly longer tale of beating back the Vampires.

But again, that’s just me and my own view of the story here. I know I will definitely be getting my hands on the trade when I get the chance too! And I would definitely love to see more of this world AGP has created. Especially with how everyone handles the re-building process now that the Vampiric threat is pretty much over with for the most part.

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Broken Moon #4
American Gothic Press
Created by: Philip Kim
Writer: Steve Niles
Artist and Colorist: Nat Jones
Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: It’s come down to this: an all-out attack on the vampires’ city stronghold, with the fate of the planet hanging in the balance. But will Frankenstein’s army be enough for the humans and werewolves to tip the scales in their favor? And how will they stop the vampires’ ocean pollution from toxifying the air itself? Don’t miss the epic finale to the horror series critics are raving about!