Moon Streak #1

WelcomScreenshot 2015-11-16 at 10.37.10 AMe to Guardian Knight Comics and my first experience with them. I have to say the more I read these small, self-published books the more impressed I become with them and the talent they have. So this book seems to center around Veronica, who seems to be some sort of journalist in this futuristic place. Writing about the biggest villains the world has to offer and what they’ve been doing. I say futuristic but really it doesn’t seem that far off from where we are but definitely with a more science fiction feel.

Impressive doesn’t even come close to how I feel about this issue. Not only do the boys write a fantastic introduction to the series but Harvey and Wes’ interior work well it’s top of the game stuff here. It’s intriguing, fun, unexpected and exciting stuff.

So we see two happenings here; one is a train with soldiers carrying some mysterious cargo and the one after it and we see where Veronica lives and who she hangs out with. Now the idea of using an old subway line as home isn’t new but it’s always interesting and when the train taking the route through this stop well that’s something Veronica and company have never seen since squatting there. Though I have to admit I’m more curious than ever now for some in depth background information because with electricity and tablets and such I wonder why this isn’t being used. While the story plays out we’re left with some questions and observations that they guys I’m going to say strategically give us so we come back to see if they get answered.

Screenshot 2015-11-16 at 10.39.06 AMWell when the attack on the train comes at their home it’s one hell of a blow out. I absolutely love the design of the creature attacking the train. It’s like this whole rat/human monster hybrid thing that’s fearsome and just horrifically cute! Trust me I’d mess my drawers up if I saw in person but the colouring of it and the look, yeah, give off this whole duality of feelings to it. That much of the fighting we see is without words is utterly fantastic. More realistic to be fighting for one’s life without trying to be cute by throwing the barbs around or commentating on what’s happening. Love seeing Veronica during all this as well, she’s kind of fearless and fascinated by what’s happening and doesn’t run away instead filming this all on her phone.

In order to see what really happens here you have to get the book and since the second issue is currently out as well you’ll be able to get a great double helping of this to keep you entertained. There’s this whole thing happening here that as far as introductions go keep you guessing and wondering and ready for more. This is the complete package it’s got a mysterious villain, on the cusp of being huge, a hero who we know nothing about and what’s revealed makes him even more curiouser. Also that Veronica seems she’s going to be more involved than she expects also.

Guys and Gals give this a go. I highly recommend it and the writing, characterization, premise and interiors are sure to give you that feeling of excitement that seems to be missing from the market these days.

Moon Streak #1

Guardian Knight Comics 2015
Created by: Alfredo “Apple” De La Fuente
Written by: Austin Rogers & Wes Hartman
Illustrated by: Harvey Talibao
Coloured by: Wes Hartman
Lettered by: Joshua Cozine

Reviewer: Steven Leitman

Summary: A morbid young girl, Veronica, documents the dead and dying of the dark sci-fi metropolis Hope City. With a science experiment on the run, she sets her sight on cutting a bloody shortcut to the top and take the ‘cake’ from the Villains that have a choke hold on the city.

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