Skeeters #1


Skeeters is off a to a strong start in this opening issue as we’re introduced to members of what I presume will be the main cast, a wayward sheriff longing for entertainment in her sleepy town; a security officer trying to keep the monsters at bay; and two bumbling exterminators that find themselves in way over their heads. I found all of them fun and interesting and I look forward to seeing how they handle the titular Skeeters moving forward.

The Skeeters, for their part, are an interesting monster for our heroes to face. They have a bit of Alien: The Movie quality to them as well as homaging other grotesque horror movies of old. Breaking free from the lab they were being experimented on, the skeeters begin to attack the locals until they have to energy to transform into a really gross looking creature that made me instantly intrigued the moment I saw it.

What makes Skeeters compelling is that it isn’t trying to be any deeper than it is. The exterminators make jokes and talk about smoking weed and conspiracy theories, the security officer is no nonsense which makes him a great foil to others who are more emotive, and the sheriff is relatable in how bored she is that nothing ever happens. It’s about real feeling people who are about to get really rude visitors that want to see them dead and there’s fun to be had a long the way so it never feels too dark even when bad things are happening. It’s meant to be fun and that’s exactly what this book is.

Frantz and Cuffe handle the different voices of the characters deftly and at times they really felt like people I have met in real life which drew me in more easily. I do feel like there probably could have been a bit more substance to the issue, but given the primary goal is to set up the characters and make you care about them and the events that are about to unfold I do feel like the writers pulled it off in spades.

Likewise, Williams art is so good and the last page had me smiling with just how good the composition was, elevated even more of course by the wonderful lettering from Pangburn. Williams’ art feels raw and unruly at times which is perfect for the atmosphere of the story, anytime the skeeters go on the attack you feel the grit and blood splashing off the page. It’s rather impressive.

I liked this issue a lot and hopefully I can keep up with the series because I want to read more. It’s a fun, horrific, but not too scary riff on campy horror movies and its doing that job so very well.

I recommend this.

Editor’s Note: Skeeters #1 is out in stores on December 6th! And if you haven’t seen it, the bookmark the Cave made for this book is awesome to look at!

Writers: Bob Frantz, Kevin Cuffe
Artist: Kelly Williams
Letterer: Chas! Pangburn
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Reviewer: Derrick Crow

Summary: Small town hijinks ensue as extraterrestrial mosquitos descend on a sleepy beach town. When giant mosquito-like alien creatures invade a rural seaside community, a frustrated sheriff and two oddball exterminators end up being the town’s only hope for survival. A comedic and gruesome story for fans of Slither, Arachnophobia, and other classic creature-features! – From Mad Cave Studios’ official website