Deer Editor #1 – (Advanced Review!)

When Frank Silva emailed me about the first issue of Deer Editor (due out in January and was a successful Kickstarter project) the first thing I thought to myself is that ‘wow, this sounds ridiculous. I gotta read it.’ and said as much to Frank. Flash forward several days later and after reading this first issue, I was pretty much right! As an Anthropomorphic Deer by the name of Bucky in a world of Humans who makes a living as a Deer like its an everyday normal thing? Its the kind of silly ridiculousness I enjoy and love from time to time! Although, I did feel like that instead of being an editor/reporter as Bucky’s profession, this story would’ve benefitted more as Bucky being a PI instead. As it had that kind of feeling to me but then again, the title wouldn’t necessarily be as catchy if our ma-er, Deer, was a PI instead. And things for Bucky get a start when he ends up in the morgue due to a John Doe (no puns were intended, I think) that ended up in there after trying some underhanded things and got whacked by a vehicle for his troubles.

For we all know a good story or PI case begins with a problem needing looked into or a dead body being around. Usually one relating to the other on some occasions and things going from there as they are wont to do. And Deer Editor is no exception to that as the story gets going and we get to meet various characters in this world of Ryan K. Lindsay and Sami Kivela’s and get some hints about certain people. Perfect to draw us in! Especially that cliffhanger ending! Gotta love those! And is the Mayor really a protector? Or just a major Class A Jerk!? I certainly can’t wait to find out when the time comes!

Working hard on the story!

And I love that this entire story isn’t treated as some kind of a joke and instead, is taken seriously. To the point that a walking, talking Deer in a humanoid body is just a casual every day thing in this world by Ryan and the rest of the creative team. Even Sami’s art takes the whole thing seriously and that helps a lot as well in my view. It makes me curious as to how this came to be and the fact there’s no origin story is nice but darn it all if I’m not curious about the origin! Are there others like Bucky? Or is he just a one off? Perhaps we’ll find out in later issues! Or perhaps not. Who knows! Lauren Affe’s blue/black/white coloring pattern I feel works really nicely for this story. It helps give that Reporter/PI/Noir feel for this story and I love it.

That Deer Editor has a protagonist that isn’t Human is great in my view! As really, do we really need another Human protagonist when we’ve had those since the dawn of time!? No! We don’t! More non-Human Protagonists is what we need and its great to see Mad Cave doing more with that outside of Battlecats. Ryan and the crew have definitely hooked me here and I can’t wait to see what happens next! So when the time comes on January 10th for this to be out, don’t miss out! Or you might end up on the front page for all to see!

Deer Editor #1 – (Advanced Review!)
Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Ryan K. Lindsay
Artist: Sami Kivela
Colorist: Lauren Affe
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: A John Doe slaying lures a journalist into a world of political intrigue, a wi-fi-enabled grotto, and a station locker full of secrets. For Bucky, an editor of the crime beat at “The Truth,” it’s all in a day’s work…
…but he also happens to be a deer.

Will he chase down his last story in this antler noir series? Deer Editor is perfect for fans of Blacksad and Chinatown.