Of Swords And Sorcery

Ever since Robert E. Howard brought to the world his creations of Kull The Destroyer and Conan The Barbarian and essentially the genre of (don’t quote me on that) Sword and Sorcery, a great many folks have been in love ever since. Whether its been in novel, comic book, TV, Movie, or some other format in Media for us to get our hands on and enjoy. And while I could talk about a lot of those things, I’m instead just gonna focus on the stuff we’ve gotten in the world of comics. And to help me do that, I reached out to Social Media and here’s just a few of the favorites a number of folks on there showed some love for outside of a certain Cimmerian and Red Sonja herself. So sit back and enjoy!

Battle Chasers 1998

Markus Pattern, A Whisky Drinking Hunty: Battle Chasers

Jcavy: Elric of Melnibone

Grumpy Old Bruce: RA Salvatore’s Sojourn, aka the Comic Book adaptation of the Drizzt Novels.

Blake’s Buzz ‘97: Barbaric, Crown and Anchor, By The Horns

Jack Foster: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser

Gary Proudley’s Talgard and a favorite of his called Head Lopper

Me: Barbaric, Scott Weldon’s Harland Buck: FreeSword, Luke Cooper’s Pumpernickel, Jarred Lujan’s The Twin Blades

David Paul: Savage Sword of Conan and Kull The Destroyer

Twin Blades, baby!

Xing Xin: Warlands, Battle Chasers

Eric Rush: Battle Chasers and Skullkickers

Vanessa Ashurinia: John Carter Of Mars

Justin Peniston’s Hunter Black

Scott Macauley: Once and Future, Scion, Sojourn, and Battle Chasers

VD (Joni Hagg): Scout Comics’ Grit

Skullkickers Art

Martin Pierro: Warlord, Groo, Sword of the Atom, And Martin’s Arthur: The Legend Continues

Richard Boom: Amigo Comics’ Rogues

Shane Chebsey: Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo’s Tellos

Steven Leitman: Night’s Dominion from Oni Press and Vault’s Barbaric

Written/Put together by: Rob Wrecks