AEW VS. The Corona Virus

And The Reason Why ALL ELITE Is The King Of Sports
A Very Special Wrasslin Report by Adrian Richardson

As we come into the month of April in 2020, there is not one single person on Earth that is not aware of the Global Pandemic known as the Corona Virus. What started in the east as a monitored concern, has rapidly spread across the world, creating panic, madness, mania, fear, concern, ignorance, stupidity, irrational thought, anxiety, fake news, and a frantic shopping hysteria that puts Black Friday to shame. The Corona Outbreak or otherwise known as COVID-19 has made such an international impact that has already changed the world forever. The Stock market has seen its lowest numbers since 2008. “Non Essential Companies” are being forced to temporarily shut down. The streets of NYC are empty. World Travel has been limited in certain areas, and completely closed down in others.

People around the world are being told to stay home as communities 1 by 1 are slowly beginning to make Lockdown laws official and heavily enforced. We are seeing more and more public service announcements about this crisis, and the need to stay safe by following some basic principles like washing your hands, and practicing what is now called “Social Distancing.” And as we sit in our homes under the act of “Self Quarantine”, we ask ourselves, what do we do, and how do we pass the time?

For many, the ultimate pastime is sports! Sporting events have been a dominant form of entertainment for as long as man has existed. With all that has already been affected by this crazy COVID-19 spread, sports and all forms of sporting events have also been compromised. We have an international ban on “Large Gathering”, which means currently all arenas and stadiums are official ghost towns.

Now, normally I absolutely love to create a walk down memory lane, while tying in some modern day references in regards to the current status of AEW Wrestling, and its landmark show, Wednesday Night Dynamite. But for this special report, I would like to highlight the facts that have made the organization known as All Elite Wrestling the absolute KING OF SPORTS!

Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Hockey, XFL Football, and even the Olympics have canceled or postponed operations until further notice. SXSW, Coachella, and other major shows and events including all things HOLLYWOOD related have also postponed or canceled any planned promotions and projects. And of all things, The WWE is doing a horrific job in keeping us entertained, and I will tell you exactly why this is true.

Since the large crowd ban went into effect, the WWE has been airing shows (that they claim are live) from their Performance Center. They have all but halted the continuation of story through combat and in ring competition. And the best they came up with (to fill time) is replaying the worst matches from the most recent PPVs. Now you could take this time to create the top ten greatest Raw and SMACKDOWN shows of all time (with inside commentary from the stars) which would also drive more usage and brand new sales of The Network. But no, this is not what Vince McMahon thinks is good for business. So we are left with fans not even interested in tuning into WWE programming, especially when you turn it on to see Bailey cutting her absolute most horrible promos to date.

And then there is the Savior of Professional Wrestling, AEW! All Elite Wrestling is shedding light through a very dark tunnel. They have single handedly lit the torch and set the bar on how ALL sports should be putting on their shows. Consider this, regardless of a “crowd”, it takes many people both on and off stage, to make a show happen. AEW came up with the idea that we will put our own people in the audience and continue with the show as it should be. What ever happened to the phrase “The Show Must Go On?” Now keeping in respect to the laws, and without being tone deaf, AEW did not put a large crowd together, but what they did was enough to give us that “feel” of normality we’ve been craving during this troubling time.

I had and continue to have so much fun watching AEW DYNAMITE , especially since it was a pleasure to see stars that OTHERWISE WOULDN’T get any camera time. The added gambling spot between MJF, Shawn Spears, and other AEW members made a tremendous increase in the overall level of entertainment value. This week is their made for TV PPV “BLOOD & GUTS”, and I cannot wait to see their version of the traditional “War Games” rules. AEW is on top of all things sports right now, and it’s simply because they know how to entertain the fans, put smiles on faces, and keep us calm during this Pandemic Storm.

Thank you so much for checking in on INDIECOMIX.NET. During this chaotic situation. We ask that everyone does their part to help the world around us. Practice the Famous Five and let’s kill the Corona! Go to CDC.GOV for more info.