On August 19th, Hell, Inc. Comes To Kickstarter! Oh My!

On Monday, August 19th, award-winning cartoonist Jeff Martin will be launching the Kickstarter campaign for the first two print collections of his webcomic, Hell, Inc. The two 60 page books, titled “Welcome to Hell… Inc.” and “Candied Sheep Day,” will collect the first two years of Hell, Inc. strips along with two short stories exclusive to the print volumes.

Backers will have the option of print, digital or a combination of both delivery methods for the books. Additional rewards include 8.5×11” ink and marker art pieces of backers as Hell, Inc. Demons, the original art for the comic strips in the books, and a retailer tier.

This is Martin’s third Kickstarter campaign, following upon the successful funding and delivery of Where Is Zog? and Hockeypocalypse: Cult of Hockey. This campaign will have a somewhat loftier goal, so please check out http://hell.rentathugcomics.com, and if you dig the comic, support the print editions on August 19th.