Lucy Chaplin; Science Starlet: Hell Hole Part 1 Of 2

Well holy howlin’ in the desert, Batman! Its more of that there Lucy Chaplin from the world of Halloween Man! If I haven’t made this clear before, I love Werewolves. And the fact this two-parter includes a few makes me a happy Rob. Though their horrible treatment at the hands of a trio of ladies made me less of a happy Rob and more of a displeased one. But more on that in a bit. This new issue of Lucy Chaplin introduces us to the half demon female known as Bella. Though considering my limited knowledge of this universe, perhaps she’s already been introduced before but regardless, for me, this is my first time with the character. And I like that she knows better then to really push things like other characters probably would. Especially if they are stubborn.

Bella knows she’s clearly in over her head after one show down the Cerebrus gang and that’s how Lucy ends up getting involved. I’m curious though if what we see Lucy working on when Bella goes to see her will play a part in this story or as part of a future story. The fact Lucy has a flying Coffin of all things just fits perfectly when you remember that this is the Halloween Man ‘Verse. Another thing I’m curious about is how the drug the Cerebrus gang uses doesn’t actually fully turn them into Werewolves and if that’ll be explained or not. Though Drew Edwards using this aspect of a Werewolf for a new drug is definitely a new thing to witness for me and I’m down with that.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Lucy and Bella kick the ever loving asses of the Cerebrus gang as they truly do deserve it. Hopefully the wait to see that won’t be a long one either!

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Lucy Chaplin; Science Starlet: Hell Hole Part 1 Of 2
Sugar Skull Media
Written by: Drew Edwards
Art and Letters by: Andrea Montano
Colors, Layout, and Art Direction by: April Guadiana
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Because YOU demanded it, your favorite BBW brainiac is back on another adventure! This time time Lucy is taking on a crazed gang of werewolf bikers in the heat of the west Texas desert! With the fate of a tiny town caught in the crossfire! Who will survive and what will be left of them? Find out in the thrilling first chapter of “Hell Hole!”