Prey For Us #1

What we have here is a little tale mixed up of Sci-Fi and Horror known as Prey For Us! Two things that can either mix really well or really bad depending on who’s mixing it. Matt Garvey doesn’t bother with an origin story that takes up half of this first issue and that’s pretty nice. As instead, he pretty much jumps right into things and shows that big strong men can in fact cry and it not be a bad thing to do so. Especially when you have no real idea if a loved one is safe or not after crash landing for unknown reasons. Even worse, crash landing on an unknown planet. Talk about bad luck there for ol’ First Officer Oliver Geary!

I believe this might even be the first time I’ve come across J. Francis Totti’s art and colors and I have to say that if that is the case, I’m rather liking it. Totti’s work here makes you think one thing until you get the whole picture. Or at least a fragmented part of it as by the end of this first issue, Matt leaves us hanging with a cliff hanger by the end of this issue. Which definitely has me hooked and having a few questions on the brain. Such as why the secrecy about the cargo Geary’s ship had on it and if whether or not said cargo is gonna make for a happy ending by the end of this story. Along with how fast said cargo can re-produce.

There’s also a clear but nice nod to the ‘Alien’ franchise here as well if I’m not mistaken and with how intense things could get on those movies, I can definitely see that kind of intenseness happening here! So with that in mind, bring on the next issue, Matt!

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Prey For Us #1
Written by: Matt Garvey
Art and Colors by: J. Francis Totti
Color Flats by: Roberto Cloma
Review by: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Oliver’s stasis pod is jettisoned from his ship right before it crash lands. Making his way back to the ship to look for survivors and the woman he loves Oliver starts to think he may not be alone on this planet.