5 Meats Comics Releases New Kids Series Lemon Pepper Huggz!

From 5 Meats Comics, creators of the highly reviewed comedy-adventure series “Mashbone and Grifty”, comes the ALL-NEW, ALL-AGES comic book series “LEMON PEPPER HUGGZ”!

“Lemon Pepper Huggz” follows three Elementary-age kids (Lemon Reyes, best friend Pepper Gonzalez and her little brother Huggz Gonzalez) and the crazy after-school adventures they go on within their neighborhood.

“When Lemon finds out the biggest Roller Coaster in New Brownsville will close soon, she, along with Pepper and Huggz, opens a Lemonade stand to raise ticket money for their first and last ride. Unfortunately, the sales savvy Cookie Scouts lay claim to the sidewalk and they aren’t in the mood to share customers with the strong-willed Lemon! Cookies and lemonade are sure to fly in this fund-raising free-for-all!”

Comedy, adventure, friends and family.
It’s the humor and attitude of 5 MEATS COMICS, but for ALL AGES!

Issue #1 will be available for sale WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10

Digital: https://www.comixcentral.com/vendors/5-meats-comics/

Print: https://5meatscomics.bigcartel.com/