Rare is the comic that generates an intense feeling inside of me as I read it. Rare is it that I truly look forward to seeing pieces of garbage get what’s coming to them. Rare is it that I want to see it happen again and again until no other ever dares to try any sort of vile act ever again. Sonica Ellis’ ‘Sarai’ has managed to accomplished all this in me after finally sitting down and taking a few minutes to read her work. Work that was said wouldn’t sell because of the content within it, which didn’t matter to Sonica one bit so long as the message got out. Taking away young girls from education and true civilization to sell them off doesn’t make you a man. It makes you a no good piece of cowardly filth who deserves to die a thousand and one times over. I know I’m one to rarely be this emotional/passionate about this kind of thing but Sonica’s ‘Sarai’ has managed it.

I know Sonica’s mentioned that a certain real life event involving some young girls in another country several years ago was what inspired her to create ‘Sarai’. Its sad that things like this can happen to people who don’t deserve it. I can only imagine the toll it may have been on Sonica as she wrote this tale of heartbreak and truly deserved revenge. Heartbreak as we are witness to every cruel thing that happens in the pages of ‘Sara’. And was probably something that J.C. Grande was probably bothered by but I could be wrong. The fact that Sarai only cries for those who’ve been needlessly killed and never wastes a tear on those she rightfully ends is well done in my view. As why does a piece of garbage deserve a tear shed for it? And though this book is a gut punch to the feels, Sonica does manage to add a bit of mystery by wondering who the so called ‘Wolf’ is and why he or she has such an interest in Sarai.

Something tells me though that the answer is definitely not a good one. Another thing I find a mystery I’d like solved is why it took what happens to Sarai for the God of Justice, Sakarabu, to finally act. Perhaps it was just the last straw for him? Or perhaps it truly was because Sarai’s desire was such a strong one that he couldn’t help but come to her and give her the help she needed to act against those who had killed those she knew and kidnapped those they didn’t kill? Perhaps in time we’ll get an answer if Sonica intends to continue the world of ‘Sarai’. Which I hope she does as I look forward to seeing Sarai continue to dispense justice against those who deserve it for vile acts like human trafficking and murder.

I’m also a bit curious/worried about what the price Sarai will have to pay for accepting Sakarabu’s help. I will say though that I don’t recommend this for kids or those who can’t handle serious topics in a comic book. And fun fact after a little research, Sakarabu actually is one of the Gods of the African Pantheon. ‘Sarai’ is available in print for domestic and international shipping.

Writer and Creator: Sonica Ellis
Artist and Letterer: J.C. Grande
Editor: Jeff Lewis
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Sarai is a 12 year old Nigerian girl whose small town life is shattered as she finds herself captured by an extremist organization dedicated to the subjugation of women and girls.