Cadavers #2

Well now, it being Halloween recently seems like just the perfect time to make my return to the insanity of Mad Robot Comics and Matt Hardy’s Cadavers. Which, like with the first issue, you really have to pay attention or re-read several times to fully understand all that’s happening since past and present focuses tend to shift around a lot. Making it kind of jarring as it can get a little confusing. But this time though, we get the viewpoint of Poltergeist the Goblin, rather then the Doppleganger’s. And that has me wondering if whether or not we’re going to be getting each issue that features a different perspective on events from each member of the group that eventually leads to the aftermath of Polty’s surprising discovery at the end of this second issue.

Which could get a little jarring if each issue does the back and forth of past and present unless you’re paying close enough attention. I’m happy to see the first issue’s creative team back in action along side Matt. Hopefully they’ll continue to be around until the series is complete but its understandable if changes happen along the way.

I like that we get to see Polty’s view of things here, even if it is kinda saddening as his appearance makes it a lot harder for him to fit in then the others. And essentially getting taken advantage of by those who’d use his talents for their own gain. I can definitely see why it’d make him be more inclined to go after Douchebag North given all the garbage he spews about Polty and the rest of Spectral kind. Little is still known about this Malady and that drives the curiousity even further for me in wanting to know what its all about! Hopefully, Matt won’t keep us in suspense where that’s concerned for much longer. As he could run the risk of causing his readers to lose interest where that’s concerned due to drawing it out.

Here’s Polty!

But I don’t think that’s a concern here since there’s no numerous tie ins! The ending really left me shocked and I can’t wait to find out why this character did what she did. Especially given how she acts through out flashbacks. Nice job there Matt on the surprise factor that wasn’t expected! So come on folks, give this a shot. You just might enjoy it! Well, so long as you don’t end up hanging around a bunch of moronic hate rhetoric spewing chefs anyway!

Editor’s Note: You can grab yourself a copy of Cadavers #2, along with the first issue and other Mad Robot Comics titles right here!

Cadavers #2
Mad Robot Comics
Story: Matt Hardy
Art and Colors: Edward Bentley
Letters: Rob Jones
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: In book 2 of the continuing exploits of the Cadavers, the focus shifts to the most volatile member, Polty the Poltergeist!