Martian Lit Releases the 10th Issue of Martian Comics!

Martian Comics #10. Cover by Mansyur Daman and Roni Setiawan. Now on comiXology!

Martian Lit is proud to release Martian Comics #10!

The 21-page issue concludes “The Second Most Dangerous Game,” written by Julian Darius, with art by Mansyur Daman. The sci-fi riff on the classic story by Richard Connell (who is himself a character in our story) began as a back-up in Martian Comics #8, before taking over issue #9. The story now concludes in issue #10, which features a cover by Mansyur Daman and Roni Setiawan that’s an homage to the movie poster for the 1932 movie adaptation of the classic story.

The issue also includes a preview of Lazarus, the Forever Man #1, a 70-page first issue coming later this year from Martian Lit.

Martian Comics #10 is priced at $2.99 and is available now on comiXology, as a DRM-free PDF, and on Kindle.

You can learn more about the entire series on its webpage, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Or you can start here on comiXology with the first issue.