Wolfcop #1

AWWOOOOOO!!! YEAH BABY! Wolfcop is back and in actionwolfcop001-cov-a! The fact that Wolfcop is now running around bringing the Law Werewolf style in comic book form is a thing I am loving like crazy. The movie itself was a wildly fun ride and this just continues it! Heck, I wish I had read this so much sooner but I am glad I did most recently as wow, this was a fantastic first issue all around. Even if it did leave me wondering if whether or not it takes place during the film’s timeline at some point or if this just ignores certain things from the movie. Which, if its the second one, I’m not gonna be all that bothered cause it actually works

with this. Max Marks captures both Lou and Willie PERFECTLY in this continuation of the movie. Willie ranting his head off in the beginning pages is some true hilarity in its own right as well. Arcana Studios (whom I assume also does the coloring work for this fine first issue) does a superb job bringing everyone to life through the art here. Especially where the big bad is concerned!

And man is that guy one ugly dude! Heck, I never even thought I’d see a Werehog of all things for that matter! Which makes me wonder how on Earth you can even become one of those!? And does it give you a cannibalistic urge? Or is that just something our big bad biker leader already was doing before he went all Hog? Though its clear his buddies have evidently picked up on his habits too considering one of them takes a bite out of ol’ Lou! Now one thing that Arcana may want to keep track of in the future with Wolfcop is to ensure certain characteristics are showing at all times. Of course, a second read through of this excellent first issue is the only reason I even noticed Arm Biter having one eye sewn shut and then one panel shows him having that eye completely open. That to me doesn’t necessarily take anything away from the story. But it is something to keep an eye on in the future none the less.

And much like with how certain scenes were in the movie, things here in the pages of Wolfcop are also quite bloody and graphic while he’s taking a bite out of crime. Perhaps in the next life these fellas will choose more wisely when trying to kidnap someone! So if you think this is something for your kids to read, I can tell you now its not. Nor is the movie for young minds either unless you like warping your kids at a young age! I gotta give credit to where the graphic scenes are concerned cause you don’t normally see a man (or a woman even) in comics chowing down on human flesh. Which is fairly disturbing to see for that matter so hopefully you don’t have a weak stomach! And heh, I think a girl in this that the boys meet may be right on the money where Lou is concerned when it comes to Wolfieness and being drunk and nuts being pretty much one big thing. The fight between Lou and the Hog Boss is pretty great and all around violent.

Making me wish this was taking place in a movie as well! But at the same time, I’m glad its happening here as it means they aren’t restrained by a budget and that helps the imagination to get pretty wild within the pages without that worry. Although, I am pretty curious as to what exactly Lou mighta done afterwards with Hog since Willie seemed a little freaked out at one point while the girl they saved earlier is letting her guy and other unfortunate victims out of a holding pin (for lack of a better word) they’d been forced to stay in until it was feeding time! I bet the police they talk with is gonna think them all kinds of nuts too with the details they give! Of course, this is also likely a good way to get yourself a cult and not even know about it til way later on! Something I bet Willie would have a lot to say about while Lou probably would try not to care too much in favor of another drink!

This was a fantastic, highly enjoyable first issue and I can’t wait to see what happens next for Lou and Willie! Cause its sure to be one heck of a wild and howlin’ good time! AWWWOOOOOOO!!!

Wolfcop #1
Dynamite Entertainment
Created by: Lowell Dean
Written by: Max Marks
Art by: Arcana Studios
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: Ever since hard-drinking local Woodhaven police officer Lou Garou had a late-night bender and stumbled onto dark magic, his life has been turned upside down. Now he moonlights as WolfCop, a rage-fueled, bourbon-swilling, magnum-toting, rabid warrior for justice!

WOLFCOP #1 sees everyone’s favorite alcoholic lycanthropic lawman tearing out of the big screen and onto these gorgeous pages to fight bigger, badder, and meaner monsters than anything that has threatened Woodhaven before!