Death-Rattler #2

If reading this digitally (first issue that is) was an experience, 13245904_10154741544082788_836171320_nreading the second issue in print today was definitely even more of an experience. A damn greatly enjoyable experience for that matter! I love that the entire creative team on this book is essentially an international one, showing that comics truly can bring people together! And they certainly bring forth a fantastic effort with Death-Rattler in my view! In issue two, we get to see more of Lady Rose, who was introduced at the end of the first issue and her loyalties are certainly set in stone where her Gold Toothed Man is concerned! Her brothel is certainly an interesting place too since none of them are all that concerned with someone getting

shot up, well so long as you do it outside of the place. Probably make it so there’s less to clean up that way! Just goes to show that even bad guys don’t tolerate cheaters!

White Tail in action!

White Tail in action!

And asĀ a Redhead lover, well, I’m almost in love with Lady Rose. Though I like living too much to even think of trying anything with this Redhead! I love that we see more of White Tail in this story since much hadn’t been done with her in the first issue aside from an introduction. And I love that she’s using what is pretty much Native American mysticism without being insulting for any readers who are Native American to track down our lovely Death-Rattler. Who’s already gotten herself into some hot water at Lady Rose’s fine establishment. And I think one of the ’employees’ there may need to take a look in the mirror as clearly she needs glasses if she thinks Dawson is plain looking! Issue two also gives us a little more insight into Dawson’s past and its safe to say its even more saddening then you think. And it leaves me wondering if that’s how our lovely Dawson got her code name later on from that experience.

13231134_10154741535397788_1613981731_nWhile I love pretty much everything about this issue, one thing that does bug me a little is some of the grammar. Like ‘I’m nobodies bounty.’ Things like that should definitely be caught during the editing process and its fine if something like that gets used during a review copy in order to avoid unwanted rip offs and the like. Does this take away from the reading experience? I personally don’t think so unless you’re the type who has big hang ups about examples like that that would keep you from enjoying this world Kelly and Downing have brought us. And with the way things were left off in this issue, I know I’m looking forward to seeing how Dawson and White Tail handle their current predicament! Which something tells me that its gonna be one heck of a time for the two where that’s concerned!

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Death-Rattler #2
Insane Comics
Co-Creator and Writer: Kelly Bender
Co-Creator and Illustrator: Ryan Downing
Inker: Ivan Miranda
Colorist: Alan Bay
Letterer: Micah Myers
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: As Dawson Coles continues her quest to rid the world of the ‘Devil’s Cross’ gang, ‘Gunner’ the Texas Ranger and ‘White Tail’ the Native Indian tracker are hot on her trail. And that trail is leading directly towards the deadly ‘Lady Rose’, current girlfriend of the ‘Gold Toothed Man’.