Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo

12243505_1061074103937908_467234287853362330_nBob Salley and his Salvagers title, by now if you don’t know about this man and his title and the excellent team he has on board for it, you’re either living under a rock or not paying enough attention for whatever reason. But you really should be paying attention as this is a pretty great sci-fi story set in outer space complete with aliens. One of them that honestly makes me think of WWE’s R-Truth! Which… By now you probably already know that if you follow my reviews. Especially the time I reviewed the third issue of this title. Now you might be wondering if I’ve already read and reviewed the third issue, then why am I reviewing it in its collected trade form? And the answer is simple enough, because doing so is pretty fun!

That and getting to talk about the book a bit more in depth as well since I have the whole thing. And what a gloriously wonderful whole thing it is! Even if I did feel the ending was somewhat anti-climatic. But I’ll get to that later. I love that some thought is put into the lettering, speech bubbles, and their colors between DeSika and HdE where certain characters, their speech bubbles, and dialogue over communications devices are concerned. It shows they actually were willing to put in the work and that makes me happy as it seems very few creative teams do that. I love that the Salvage crew are all relatively close and Brigby’s kind of like the young brother of the bunch.

A young brother who’s in some deep doo doo with bad people. But thankfully the good Captain Roenick of Harrier Salvage crew is willing to help a fella out. Which is good of the guy since it meens he actually gives a damn about a crew member of his. I picture big ol’ Ty’r as the big brother who’s disappointed in little brother Brigby for what he’s got himself into but doesn’t let it stop him from keeping Brigby’s back when the metal hits the fan. And Roenick and Teagan as the parents of the two. Although it seems Bob Salley was hinting at something going on with Roenick and Teagan in a more than friendly way. Which has me wondering how serious that is exactly or if its just some heavy flirting that hasn’t exactly gone anywhere just yet.

Ty'r and Brigby!

           Ty’r and Brigby!

I love that this isn’t an origin story aside from the flashback that leads the Harrier Crew to taking on the job of salvaging a Darzinean space ship that has a few surprises for the crew as they wind up finding out. Though just what exactly happened to leave the ship abandoned is unknown but its clear something big is up about the whole thing. Something I hope we get an answer about in later issues of this title. Especially since it seems there was a couple of extras who popped up after crashing on a near by planet that is supposed to be a no go zone.

Interior wall design at its finest!

Interior wall design at its finest!

And like I mentioned earlier, I kinda felt the ending was a bit anti-climatic as I honestly thought something fatal was about to happen but didn’t. Plus we’re only left with more questions then answers as well. But at least Brigby’s on his way to clearing up things with the bad bunch I mentioned earlier. Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo is a fantastic sci-fi read that I’d recommend for any sci-fi fan to check out. Heck, why stop there? As I’d pretty much recommend it to everybody who loves a well written comic with excellent art and colors in it. Salvagers is something I would love to see adapted to the screen in either tv or movie form. And hopefully adapted pretty darn well too!

Especially in getting to see how well it’d go over in relation to Brigby’s arm becoming sentient after getting cut off. I have no doubt that’d be really strange as Hell to see just as it is in the comic!

Editor’s Note: Currently the 5th issue of Salvagers is currently being Kickstarted. Bob and the team are looking to raise 5,000 dollars for the issue that will start up the next part of the Salvagers storyline. So far they’ve raised 4,249 dollars for the project and with your help, full funding will surely be achieved!

Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo

Think Alike Productions
Writer: Bob Salley
Artist: George Acevedo
Colorist: DeSika
Letterer: HdE
Reviewer: Rob Wrecks

Summary: In the distant future, the habitable planets are connected through trade of natural and artificial resources. The import and export business is flourishing for some systems, while leaving others at the mercy of major trade corporations.

After the Galactic War ended, peace blanketed the galaxy; however, planets with little shipping resources turned to piracy or developed small guerilla military units geared to pillage trade ships. This spawned the necessity for trade companies to hire private security contractors for protection.

Even under the security of peacetime, there is no shortage of violence in outer space; from looting raiders, Navy destroyers neutralizing a rebel movement to the simplest space station falling victim to a rogue asteroid.

These destroyed or abandoned ships and stations are classified as “WRECKS”.

Licensed crews are commissioned by governments, empires and corporations to remove these wrecks.

In a hostile galaxy, the risk and reward is high for these crews.

They are known as… the SALVAGERS